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Qurbani Ki Dua In Urdu Tarjuma Eid Ul Azha Bakra Zibah Karne Ki Dua Arabic

Today is the eid ul azha and we are about to observe biggest sacrifice day for sake of Allah Almighty. These animals and their parts are not needed towards Allah but what needed is the niyyat for Qurbani. Theses words are normal to say and listen but having the philosophy of Qurbani for every Muslim in Islam. The Qurbani philosophy is all about to get the blessings of ALLAH in the best way as no one can get in any other aspect. It is the bakra eid Qurbani and almost every wealthy Muslim will observer qurbabn day today.

The ibdadh according to the muslim community always necessary to offer and Qurbani is the best prayer and the basic way to respond. The Eid ul Azha is there and many Muslims are unaware about the Qurbani dua. We are sharing the dua for those who wants to get the exact blessings of Allah in an almost best way. Eid Qurbani is the only day where all Muslims just don’t get bothered about other things rather offer Qurbani in the best way

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Qurbani Ki Dua In Urdu Tarjuma Eid Ul Azha Bakra Zibah Karne Ki Dua Arabic


The Qurbani ki dua in English translation is there that O God we are here by your order all kinds of words of preaching in Islam is just for You. There is no God except you who is most generous then You. Qurbani ki Dua is all about to praise God and show Allah almighty that O God the Muslim who is going to offer the sacrificial animal to You is aware of it etiquettes.


Qurbani eid is there for everyone but for those who actually got much to share about Islam there is the sky is the limit. Bakra eid Qurbani dua is listed here in Arabic text and we are sharing it so that Muslims can get benefit from it and got the ibadah in the best way. The way that is best attractive one towards ALLAH almighty as Quran is also in Arabic text.

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