It has been one year that the Walled City Of Lahore is trying hard to bring that soft and real image of Pakistan. They have been carrying out promotional activities so that awareness can be created with regard to the cultural heritage of Lahore. The Walled City Of Lahore has been striving to bring more and more foreign tourists in Lahore place.

Walled City Of Lahore Is Famous Historical Places In Lahore

Positives of Promotional activities of The Walled City Of Lahore

  • With the help of these activities, a number of foreign tourists will for sure be improved.
  • From Oct 2015 till March 2016, this time, was counted as the best tourist time because, in this season, the number of foreign tourists was drastically increased. In the last 6 months, numbers have been jumping and rising day by day. All of this has happened because of the attempts made by the Walled City Of Lahore.
  • If we talk about the last one 15 days then we saw that by far 50 independent tourists from the foreign sites visited Lahore. The numbers of both local as well foreign tourists are increasing.
  • It is because of the professional and well-trained team of the Walled City Of Lahore that they are getting their desired and as expected results.
  • The Walled City Of Lahore has also opened up the old heritage sites for people. They have restored the opening of old monuments.
  • Strong linkages are now been making with some of the non-government organizations. WCLA is also collaborating with the social media so that local and foreign can get to know more about the positive side of Pakistan and especially Lahore.
  • Three of the MoU have been signed between Walled City Of Lahore and Avari Hotel and Park lane. In this way, they will also be playing their due role in creating awareness among people. Sooner, PC Hotel will be signing a MoU with the Walled City Of Lahore too. ETPB MoU is in the process these days. This agreement will be let Sikh and Hindu pilgrims to make frequent visits to the cultural sites of Lahore.

In the end, Hopefully, with the help of these activities, the Walled City Of Lahore will bring some promising change in the image of Pakistan.



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