In Pakistan, we have this common culture that most of the parents compare their children with other children. At times, they compare the studies, nature, looks and personality of their children with their cousins. It is the time that parents should stop doing so! They should stop doing this comparison of their children. This comparison affects the personality of their children in a negative way. If parents compare their children with other kids then the mental growth of their own children gets affected.

Why Do Pakistani Parents Compare Me To Others How To Stop Parents From Comparing

Why Do Pakistani Parents Compare their children To Others?

  • It is the psyche of most of the Pakistani parents that they like to compare their children with others. The Pakistani parents have made this habit of them. They have now used to of doing this comparison.
  • The Pakistani parents like to keep in evaluating their parents, this aspect hinders the mental growth of their children and they fail to think in a broader perspective.
  • If you compare your children with others then they will be losing their individuality, they will not remain confident and bold enough. They will always remain shy.
  • The Pakistani parents are in some kind of inferiority complex.

How To Stop Parents From Comparing?

  • Our parents are totally misguided now, we need them to understand that each and every child is different. Parents should realize that each of the children has been blessed with different kinds of talents. Parents need to explore those talents of their children.
  • Any of the children cannot be compared because each of the child has his own strengths and also weaknesses.
  • Parents should praise and appreciate, encourage the work of their children rather than comparing them with others. This comparison will bring an emotional gap between you and your child, this should not happen so! You should acknowledge the efforts of your child and give him freedom to become which he want to be!


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