12 Heads of State Involved In Panama Papers Leaks Pakistan As well

The Scandal of offshore Companies with the start of 2016 is a sign that World stands against the corruption at every level. There are about 12 heads of states 6 of them is active one involved in scandal. The offshore holdings of bigwigs exposed and there are chances of Pakistan as well. The law is equal for all and there is no discrimination when Media is active such as in the case of Panama Paper.

There are many civil servants are also involved in it according to 128 civil servants. About 14,000 companies, banks as well as law firms are directly or indirectly involved in the case of Panama Paper. The PPP and PML-N both parties are consistently saying about no wrongdoing in any aspect while justifying the Panama ownership.

Thank You DAWN For Sharing this Information with us

The biggest challenge in front of Pakistani politicians is here that those are unable to understand how to tackle Media. The real name behind the involvement of Pakistani figures in Panama Papers is Mossack Fonseca Law firm as DAWN newspaper resources confirmed it. Figures who are involved in it are as below:

  • Former interior minister Rehman Malik
  • Former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto
  • Hassan Ali Jaffery
  • Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’ Children

These figures including the whole world figures are not accepting the leaks in any aspect to save their image in front of civil society. Media named another person who is very close of PPP leader Asif Ali Zardari. According to the sources, the Pasha have shares in at least five companies as per Panama paper and businessman with several other businesses. There are many other Pakistani figures involved in the Panama Paper case about 200 figures as per Media told after the Panama Leaks.

12 Heads of State Involved In Panama Papers Leaks Pakistan As well

Panama Papers

Sharif Family cleared his name in the allegations made by the Media report about the Panama Leaks after the tweet from Maryam Nawaz. The comment of Senator Rehman Malik was entirely out of the way. The comment about the Panama Papers is the conspiracy of Indian Intelligence agency RAW due to recent scandal of Spy in Pakistan. He is the man who accepted the ownership and said that his share in the company actually doing best with UAE companies laws. What would be the future of this Panama Paper scandal is still unknown to Media as well People of Pakistan.

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