23 March Pakistan Day Cultural Show 22 March 2017 In Lahore

Pakistan is the country that represents Muslim of sub-continent for the first time on the map. The way that was explored by Allama Iqbal and dream that was developed by Quaid-e-Azam is actually a way to unity of Muslims as represents by 23 March Pakistan Day Cultural Show. The Pakistan Day is a symbol to remind all such efforts in no time. The best tool now a day being used is organizing an event. The organizing an event to show historical moments is actually a way to show that how the lives were sacrificed against the formation of Pakistan. In the form of drama, it is best tool and worth addressing in many terms to show.

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The 76th Pakistan Day is on 23rd March 2016 and City District Government Lahore has announced to organize such events normally as every year. The tradition is actually a best one to allow young generation to know about the theme behind Pakistan Day. The Pakistan Day while associating with such events can be celebrated in the best manner that can remind by every mind at a cultural level. The other best thing about such events is free entry for families.

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23 March Pakistan Day Cultural Show

The family is a mix of culture and all kinds of the generation gap are actually there. These events act as a catalyst in such ways that are beneficial for all without any discrimination. The role of city district government who is organizing such event cannot ignore at any forum. The role of the government from the market of such events till the final execution cannot ignore at any level. The Pakistan Day is not just an event for Pakistanis particularly it is actually a remind of many historical events in actual. Someone can say that cultural Day would have musical touch only and that is not entirely true.

The cultural Day as the name depicts would represent the Pakistan in best manner as much as dramatic expression allows to remind history. One can say that Pakistan Day is not a day that needs an introduction for Pakistani people. Although it is a day that needs a reminder after each passing year. The Pakistan day is the day of feeling pride for Pakistani people and many other nations that are directly or indirectly associated with Pakistan. It is not just an event of the holiday it is an event that comes up with the best manner to show that how these perspectives can deal with Pakistan Day specifically people of Pakistan.

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