Fake Neurosurgeon From Lahore Means No Monitoring System For Health Sector

Lahore is the city that dominating part as compare to other cities of Pakistan. The Fake Neurosurgeon From Lahore means there is dire need of monitoring system specifically in health care sector in Lahore. Many from civil society visited government based hospitals and considered a satisfaction after getting the services. Dr. Maima who was not actually a neurosurgeon has been performing surgeries in the services hospital.

Almost each from civil society knows the name of society because it is second largest health care facility place in the city. Thanks to the delayed visit of Prof Dr. Rizwan Masood Butt to the neurosurgery ward on D- Day but not actually thankful act. Because if the visit would conduct before time may be several persons would not change into bodies. Although the number of persons affected in the case history of the Fake Neurosurgeon From Lahore but it can assume easily that no one can treat such serious person in a perfect manner at all.

Fake Neurosurgeon From Lahore Means No Monitoring System For Health Sector



One must mind it that doctor is not just a profession to earn the money rather it is a noble profession that is luck of one doctor to serve the community. Such shameful act would create an agitated mode in civil society against the services of services hospital and no monitoring system for the doctor on the board. The other aspect over here is the matter of internal politics. The matter is more serious than it is looking because. The renowned name of Dr. Jafar also involved in such shameful act. Ms. Maima is the fiance of Dr. Jafar who is actually a responsible person and leader of Young Doctors Association (YDA). It is the real thing to protect but now no one specifically from the young doctor would come forward to protest because the influence of Dr. Jafar is more than protest.

One can observe easily that Young doctors Strike in Lahore are common thing because the government is not behaving in a justified manner but in such situation the whole community of young doctor is silent and no one in turning out. It is the biggest question mark on the performance of government-run hospitals in Lahore. The need of monitoring system is now more in a hurry unless it delayed further it would snatch the right of free hospitality from civil society. The matters of internal politics should be avoided from all government-based institutions with some third party invasion.


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