Get EOBI Pension Through ATM Cards In Pakistan

Employees Old-Age Benefits Institution pension will now be given through ATM cards. Now, you do not have to wait in long lines. Get your pension at any time, from any place with the use of this ATM card.  It has been since 23rd May 2016 that the process of getting pensions through ATM cards has been started in almost all of the branches of Bank Alfalah. Their registration process is now started.

Get EOBI Pension Through ATM Cards

Process to get Pension Through ATM Cards

You do not have to wait in lines now! You just have to register yourself in any of the bank branches of Alfalah bank. This facility is available in almost 600 branches of this bank. From 1st Aug 2016, retired people belonging to Employees Old-Age Benefits Institution can get their pension by using the ATM  cards of Bank Alfalah. First, you have to make a registration get done with this process. Just visit any of your nearest Bank Alfalah branches. You have to show your Original CNIC and original pension book while registering. If your documents will come out to be valid and correct then the process of registering your pension will be started.

Get EOBI Pension Through ATM

Last date to apply:

Make sure that the last date to register is 31st July 2016. After 31st July 2016, no more applications will be received by the Bank Alfalah branches. Get your correct and actual documents and submit them right away.

Now, retired people lives will become quite easy. Their pension will straight away come to their accounts from now onwards. Get your atm card and spend your pension in any you want to! If you want more of the assistance and help then you can visit any of the branches of Bank Alfalah. They will be guiding you with regard to the exact process to get your pension through these ATM cards.

This initiative will come out to be quite convenient for the retired people. These old retired people will be getting their pensions through relaxed process onwards.


  1. Dear Sir
    I am a member of EOBI and hold pension book to draw my pension.
    At present I am out of country and reaching there on first week of August.
    The dead line of ATM card registration is 31st July.
    My family is in Pakistan.
    Pl help me how can I register my self after this date.
    Syed Aftab Alam


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