Health Care Tips During Ramadan 2017 Punjab Health Line 080099000

Ramadan 2016 has been started with all its blessings. It is a Holy month. Muslims fast for 30 days. They pray and develop the habit of giving. This time, Ramadan 2016 came in the month of June 2016 and it is a hotter month. Muslims have to fast for hours and hours. When Iftari time comes then Muslims eat a lot. This excessive eating affects their health in a severe way. Here, health care tips related to Ramadan 2017 will be shared with you. If you find any of the health issues then contact Punjab Health Line 080099000:

Keep in mind that not to eat chicken related and beef-related food items during Sehri and Iftari. Oily foods and dishes will put a bad impact on your health if you will have them in your Sehri and Iftar timings.


  • During Iftar, we have seen that most of the people eat a lot and then, later on, it becomes tough for them to digest that food in a proper way. Eat in suitable amount during the Iftar time of yours.
  • As this Ramadan is taking place in this hot summer time, you might become thirsty if you will go out on the road, So during your fast timings, try to stay at home or at your work station place.
  • For diabetic patients, they should be consulting a doctor that whether they can have their fast or not! Proper medicines should be taken by them.

Health Care Tips During Ramadan 2017 Punjab Health Line 080099000

  • During your Sehri and Iftar time, try to have a maximum intake of drinks. Have juices and liquids so that you can feel hydrated in the whole day.

Health Care Tips During Ramadan 2016 Punjab Health Line 080099000

In the end, this Punjab Health Line 080099000 will help you a lot in this Ramadan 2016. If you start feeling that you are not feeling well. If you want to know about your diet for this Ramadan 2016 then you should right away call at Punjab Health Line 080099000. It is the time to take care of your health fully.

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