How To Apply For Weapon License In Punjab Change Errors

There is the big question mark in weapon holders minds in Punjab specifically where major crackdown against non-licensed holders still continue. It is the best time to apply for the license of the weapon in Punjab. Further, any person in Punjab can cover mistakes or departmental issues by visiting NADRA branch during office timing for Apply For Weapon License.

Punjab Arms License Tracking


There are helpline and mobile SMS number where license holders can do with the weapons and their legalization at all. It is important to note that there is no exemption in presenting the original CNIC for any kind of change in weapon license in Punjab. The only reason to ensure the smooth way of license aspect in Punjab. The original CNIC would tell you that each aspect is best one and all about the merit system of the new way approached by the Punjab government at first hand.

Punjab Arms License Helpline

The most of the cases as media teams explores that weapon holders claim that their license was not found during the search. although it is said to inform that there is no alternative still exists at Punjab government unless or until people present their license but still Punjab government introduced a new way to get all these issues resolved without any delay at any level. The gun license in Punjab is now necessary for those who want it for their security and always remain it agile during the search aspect. Now residents of the punjab province can do the same as suggested by the Punjab government.


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The first thing to get the nearest NADRA branch as soon as possible before it is too late. The second step that is suggested for just inquiry is to get the SMS of weapon license helpline (7000) as well as the land line number 051-111-786-100. These numbers provide the opportunity for those who wants to get the on the spot decision to know that how to retain the legalization of a arms specifically in Punjab. Further, tracking ID can also be verified after all steps being followed.

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