How To Donate To Shaukat Khanum Hospital SMS Sponsorship and Banks

Shaukat Khanum Hospital is one of the lifesaving hospitals we have so far! In the last year, just with the help of your zakat, this Shaukat Khanum Hospital managed to treat and give lives to 75% of the patients. For the year 2016, they need donations of about 4.5 billion Rs. You can help them. You can be sponsoring a cancer patient. You can be the part of The Sponsor Cancer patient program. You can email at to have more details about this Shaukat Khanum Hospital sponsorship.

How To Donate To Shaukat Khanum Hospital SMS Sponsorship and Banks

Method To Donate To Shaukat Khanum Hospital SMS Sponsorship and Banks

  • You can donate a meal to them. This can be done by emailing us to at You can also call at 9800 11555. In this way, you can fulfill the dietary needs of a cancer patient.
  • You can sponsor their projects that are taking place in Lahore, Karachi, and Quetta. This hospital is need of advanced therapeutic facilities. Pressure is on them so you need to help them out in getting more and more donations. Help them in their expansion projects. You can contact at their regional offices. For Peshawar sponsorship, email us at For Karachi sponsorship details, email us at
  • You can donate Rs 20 to the cancer patient by just sending an SMS right to 7770. Send this SMS with the help of your cell phone and be the part of SMS CAMPAIGN of helping cancer patients.
  • SMS Campaign To help cancer patients, donate Rs. 20 (excluding tax) by sending an SMS to 7770 from your cell phone. You can give donations with the help of internet banking. By using the internet portal of UBL, MCB, and Allied bank, you can give your desired donations.
  • Be the part of Blood Donation Campaign. In this way, you will get the chance to give lives others too. The blood bank of this hospital remains open 24 hours a day.

In the end, It will count as a great act for you if you will be the part of Shaukat Khanum Hospital sponsorship and donation programs. Let’s start celebrating lives and donate as much as we can.

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