Lahore Blast 27 March 2016 69 killed Over 300 injured Where is Law and Order

Lahore Blast sad for humanity makes Bloody Easter specifically.  The Lahore is the place that is failed to protect rights of majorities and minorities as well. Thanks, To so-called law and order in Pakistan generally and in Lahore specifically. How it is possible that one side of Lahore showed 700 boys in Action in the Turkish model with the name of Dolphin on 24 March 2016. And after 3 days such incident occurred.

The action is needed in the heart of Pakistan because if the heart is no more the body with no more. Each part of the body can handle if the heart is there. The best analyst according to the media rating is Mumashir Lauqman and he did well while giving a briefing on Lahore incident. One was watching his live phone call from the report in Lahore Jinnah hospital.

Lahore Blast 15 March 2015 THE EXPRESS TRIBUNE

14 dead, 75 injured in attack on Lahore’s Christian community

Lahore Blast 27 March 2016 The News

69 killed, over 300 injured in Lahore suicide blast

 Lahore Blast Gulshan-e-Iqbal Park

The person put a question to a reporter that f he can differentiate between the affected people over there that either majority of those related to Christian? The reporter replied without thinking much about the question. He said no sir it is entirely wrong to say such thing. It is the new strategy adopted by the terrorist groups to target kids in schools and now women and kids in Park. The Lahore blast is actually on the park where there is no need for much security as the general perception argues.

Lahore Blast On on the day of Easter

Still many media sources are reporting that Lahore blast is in the Christian community. Without propagating things what the urgent need to save parks. The best strategic answer is same as one has given here. Why all strategies answers comes after such gigantic attacks only. Why our law and order authorities in Lahore Blast can not make any strategy for future. One knows that no one in interested in giving the answer. There is another conspiracy theory initiated by the media sources as well and that is the arrest of RAW agent in Pakistan.

The RAW is well-organized organization one thinks to disrupt any kind of stability effort here in Pakistan. Farrukh Saleem a sensible person reported on Twitter about the attack after about 6 hours of Lahore Blast. He tweet about the combine unitability situation In the form of Lahore Blast as well as in Islamabad Red zone issue on 27 March 2016. He says “RAW sleeper cells coming out of hibernation”. This is what should not happen in these days when there is extreme need of stability in front of international community. These days were positives because all counter-terrorism activities have been succeeding for long.

Another media person named Mehreen Zahra-Malik said tweet about Lahore Blast on 27 March 2016. “Taliban send a message to Pakistan PM Sharif: “We have entered Lahore. He can do what he wants but he won’t be able to stop us.” The recent attempts by terrorist groups showed the only on the formula given by Mubashir Lauqman  that Terrorists only can eliminate but not weak.The future of law and order situation after Lahore Blast seems in danger. Is theLahore Blast figure enough for the government to take any possible action to eliminate terrorists?

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