Online System To Get Number Plate Launched By Excise Punjab

It is for the information that an online number system has been launched by the Government of Punjab so that people can complete the process to get their number plates. This is an online process and if you will complete this online process, you will get your number plates in less span of time. This system has been devised and launched by the department of Excise. From this system, you can also get the updated information about your number plate processing.

Get Computerized Number Plate

Online System To Get Number Plate- An initiative by Excise Punjab

  • You have to visit this site, This site will tell and inform you that when you will be able to get your number plate. If you have submitted the fee of your number plate and still have not received your number plate then you can take help from this site.

Online System To Get Number Plate Launched By Excise Punjab

  • You can also call on the help line number, 0800-08786. This toll-free help line number will be able to inform their customers related to the processing and progress of their number plates.
  • When you will be visiting this site,, you only have to enter your car number and then click on the search button. Then information and details will be given to you which will be related to the number plate of your car.
  • If you will go for fake and second-hand number plates then the makers of these number plates will be given 2-year punishment and will be charged 2 lakh fine.
  • You should only be using those number plates which are authorized and approved by the government of Pakistan.

Do carry out this process of an online system which is launched by the Excise department of Punjab. You should not opt and go for second hand and fake number plates. It is your duty to go and opt for government approved number plates for your cars and vehicles.

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