Pakistan Population, Housing Census Questions 2017 Form Template

Dair Aye durst aye is the urdu phrase meaning that the late does not mean the cancellation. It is justified to say it with Pakistan Population And housing Census now a days. Questionnaire 2017 may help those population have still wait the teacher to be allocated at their place for the questions and answers, so Pakistan Population, Housing Census Questions here.

It is best way to explain what is actually needed to aware about the questions and reality based answers. The population and housing census is important and by taking care of this the national administrative body decided to have three proposal before the population. The one proposal about the population census. The second proposal for the population and housing census and the third one is form 2 sample basis against the above two proposals. The 12 question are normal questions discussed here like

Pakistan Population, Housing Census Questions 2017 Form Template

Population census related questions

  1. Name of the house hold members- it is important to know to start the discussion with the person
  2. The relationship to the head of the speaker in front of teacher
  3. The nationality of the residents
  4. The literacy and educational attainment
  5. The sex and age of all members
  6. The marital status of the members over there in the house
  7. The religion and mother tongue of the house hold members which is general questions
  8. The employment status of the member during last year
  9. Finally the CNIC who is there as spokes person

These questions may be asked by the teacher at your doorstep. further the housing characteristics from form 2 expected to asked like the in Pakistan Population And housing Census Questions 2017

Pakistan Population And Housing Census Questions

  1. The house’ tenure
  2. Sex of the owner
  3. Numbers of rooms over there
  4. Construction period
  5. May be question about the material used during the construction
  6. The fuel for cooking and source of water and light
  7. Toilet Type
  8. The information source mostly used
  9. Member if any living in abroad

Additional questions of Pakistan Population And housing Census Questionnaire 2017

Form Template

May be asked about field of education, internal or external migration, Fertility mortality and disability if any over there in house. Even type of employment occupation and industry with respect questions can ask there at your doorstep.



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