Punjab Health Department In Action In Lahore

Punjab Health care commission and Punjab Government fight against the duplicate doctors. These Duplicate doctors treat people like the animal and disturb your health through giving dose or treatments which are negative for your health.

Alert Number: 0800-00742

Timing: (Monday to Saturday,9:00 to 5:00)

These doctors or persons who treat you people have no medical certificate but a duplicate. Punjab Health care department and Government of Punjab decide to take action against these people and we take action and we closed 3300 duplicate hospitals doctors and fine them rupees 1 crore 55 lac worth.

Punjab Health Department

These people who do these things are fraudulent or having no approved certification also a death sellers if you want to save yourself from these then we help you in this. In this thing you peoples register your medical certificate and also you have work experience of this field. So get registered early save people from this or if you people know or see that people who are fake and have no medical experience letter of certificate then call us free on 0800-00742 (Monday to Saturday,9:00 to 5:00) .Save yourself and others through helping us. We assure you that we will not release them we will capture them and fine them or bring them to court of law.

Such acts by Punjab Government is actually best in re gaining trust level at Public. The pre election approach of current government was illusion and Punjab was main victim now a day. These activities are best and somehow prove that Punjab government is recalling those stances. The Punjab province is big one and human development is so complex as well. This is entire need to assure that how each day would better than previous one. This is only possible through positives activities and actions. The Punjab Health Department is now leader in getting this reality with best realization. The need of human development would increase by such ways only.


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