Salient Features Of Cyber Crime Bill 2015 Main Points of Bill In Pakistan

It is alarming news comes from National assembly of Pakistan on 13 April 2016. The date has affected many freelancers and the whole cyber world in Pakistan. After the national assembly approval, the bill must be approved by the Senate before going to implement as law. The feature of the cyber crime is a second thing the first that how can be a bill is beneficial if it was approved forcefully by the standing committee. The bill copy was not there because it has limited access towards the readers.

Main Points of Cyber Crime Bill IIn Pakistan


The area of information technology was poorly managed by the whole sector of Information technology and at the administration level. The issue of crime bill was at its peak because it was negating the role of media and freedom of expression. Civil society is modernized in every way actually struggling with the cyber crime law and did not accept even one feature among many Salient Features of Cyber Crime Bill. Further, The IT industry is opposing the bill because there is nothing bad and good in the cyber world all is about the perceptions.

Critic of Cyber Crime Bill

The administration looking the cyber bill actually did not know about the cyber industry and its freedom at any level. The law is actually always good for the civil society in every aspect but in these days, it is not associated with any benefit for the society as well as for It industry. The draconian bill is negating the role of Information technology and its free fair usage in society. The ministry of Information Technology is not getting the thing in any way because there is no IT mindset there in the national assembly that can think so. The association of Information Technology is not welcome to be participants in any way in this Cyber Crime Bill.

Cyber Crime Bill

The harsh way of Pakistan administration is not actually harsh in any aspect and the only reason of such thing is its implication of minor issues like sending texts. The hate speech or creating disputes is a real time issue that is being responsible for all kinds of activities and not better in any aspect. The imprisonment of such acts seems harsh and almost no freedom of expression the country as its activities shows now. The sensitive information is actually not relevant to the social media because it already negating it. The coping of sensitive basic information is the pure use of agencies data that  already was banned.

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