Small Coal Fired Power Projects Pakistan Investment Way

Punjab Government gives you another investment opportunity in the form of Small coal-fired power project. In this Project, you invest for SCFPPs in the shape of privately sponsored for 150/220 MW capacity in independent power producer (IPP) mode under Punjab power generation policy 2006 revised in 2009.This project brings the opportunity for the investor through 600/880 MW energy addition in national Grid. 150/220 MW power projects build in different four locations. These projects are for short enrichment period which provides early relief to a usual energy crisis and then creates employment opportunity.

Investmet Opportunity Small Coal Fired Power Projects Pakistan

As you know about the Punjab Government Project is better for you future so that it comes for you people so don’t delay this opportunity and take this and help us in the betterment of Pakistan. It is your own country think about the people because it is people’s dream which we both complete through this power project. So invest in this project and take benefits.

Small Coal Fired Power Projects Investment Opportunity

Project Location:

This Project is selected four Locations which names are as under

  • Multan (Mouza Lothar)
  • Sheikhupura (Kathrianwala, Mouza Dhaki Malian)
  • Faisalabad (Salarwala, Chak Jhumrah)
  • Sialkot (Sambryal)

These Locations arranged by National Environmental Quality standard (NEQS) or Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). And Environmental Protection Punjab (EPD) will strictly follow. If you are Interested then all the Facilities for you provided by the Government of Punjab like Land Acquisition assured by the government of Punjab or Power evacuation assured by National Transmission and dispatch company (NTDC).One window facility Assured by Punjab Power development Board (PPDB).

This offer is valid until 29 February 2016.This News is provided by the help of Punjab power development Board Energy department of Government of Pakistan.

You can contact them through website or phone:

 Phone: +92-42-99213885, +92-42-99213886.

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