Budget 2016 17 Will Be Growth Oriented Dar After Jang Pre-Budget Conference

There are many irregularities at government end because these irregularities actually have no positives for Pakistan but it can positives if society itself positives. The Dar stance for budget 2016-17 is closest towards  the achievement for all previous government had struggled but failed to achieve. By showing something old in economic milestone Dar continues its defending position towards the Prime Minister and his family. Another positive sign comes from the talk of Dar in front of Media about the allocation of funds in upcoming Budget 2016-17.

Budget 2016 17 Will Be Growth Oriented Dar After Jang Pre-Budget Conference

He said that there would be no allocation of PM’s discretionary funds in coming budget. The sign is positive if it would implement later in an announcement of the budget. There is also no doubt in any way that the current government has achieved some gains at an economical platform. Maybe opposition would laugh on the comment of Dar about the recent destabilizing practices for government.

He said that other parties are just trying to use the word weapon against the government during those days where economic condition are about to boast in few months. According to Dar’ statement government is already ready for every aspect of accountability but still other parties are not agreed with the assurance of government in the wake of Panama.

The opposition criticism is not bearable specifically when it is against the unknown cause. According to Dar in recent past, there are so many events of agitations against the government of Pakistan that losses on country’ economy. For example the 126-day sit-in front of the Parliament House. Dar only concern about the national economic agenda because as he knows that economy is the only solution to get success on national and international platforms. The government is at the right track as far as words of Dar concerned about it because Pakistan needs economic change and platform without corruption can bring it ideally.

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