Budget Announcement Date Pakistan 2022 When Pakistan Budget Date?

The budget of Pakistan for this year 2022 will be announced on 10th June 2022. It has been announced and revealed by Finance Minister Ishaq Dar that the Budget Announcement Date Pakistan 2022-23 is June 10, 2022 and on this date, it will present right before the parliament. It is because of arrival of Ramadan that budget is presented earlier. As soon as the budget 2022 will come up,we will share the details with you. It is expected that salaries for government as well as for private employees might see an increase. The detail facts and figures will sooner share on this page.

This decision is taken by the Government of Pakistan to present budget for this current year 2022 before the advent and arrival of Ramadan month. That is why sources of Government have came up with this 26th May 2022 date. Bill for current budget will present on this date and on the same day and date, this bill will then get approved by the members of Senate. Right in the very first week of May 2022, the committee of National Economic Council also commenced the meeting related to this aspect.

According to some reliable sources, the increase in salary and wages, revision in pay scales will be done. It is too expected that the revision in allowances like that of in house rents and medical allowances and too in transport allowances, an increase will be seen which will be beneficial for the employees.

Budget Announcement Date Pakistan 2022-23 When Pakistan Budget Date?

For the pension of retired government employees, they will see considerable and significant increase in their pensions as well. It is hoped that this time this budget will bring out fruitful aspects for the citizens of Pakistan. Some other productive recommendations are put up on the table too, hopefully they will be considered and accepted too.

Expected Salary Increase In Budget 2017-18 Pakistan


So the budget date is 10th June 2022.All the citizens of Pakistan are waiting for the stats, figures and details of this budget. Pakistanis are expecting that may the prices remain stable and taxes remain less. The main purpose of Budget is to give convenience to your citizens and this is what expected from this budget 2022. Government should design the budget in such a way that citizens gets maximum leverage and do not feel burdenize because of high prices and high tax rates.

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  1. Dear prime minister
    Please i am requesting that pay of our arm forces increase as much as possible and also their allowances specialy of soldiers BPS-1 to 16 because our forcrs are in big trouble due to war threats from our 3 neighbours and they are doing every thing and every where in pakistan and also give them utility allowance minimum Rs-6000/ per month.
    I hope you will considered my request in the budget and also give them a bounce pay on every eid. Thank u sir

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