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Game Changer Of Pakistan Now CPEC And Gwadar Port For Economy

There are always two sides of something good. Now a day CPEC is something that is too good for the both country but still many believe that it is not a game changer in Pakistan as compared to previous game changers in Pakistan. I have come an article in Express news a few days ago that previous game changers were Thar Coal, Saindak Cooper, Reko Diq Gold and Chiniot Iron Ore so what is new in the new game changer can be termed as the Gwadar Port.

The first argument one would like to put is all for those who think that there is no hope from Gawadar Port that is entirely wrong. Pakistan has the deepest 18-meter¬† port as compare to Qatar Oman and many other near by ports in the world. The biggest dock is another beauty of Gawadar port. Then one came to know about Ayoub Nasir’ article that how the political impasse now a day in Pakistan including the case proceedings by the supreme court about Panama Leaks never let down the Sharif administration in Pakistan.

For Urdu Readers CPEC And Gwadar Port


They are naturally without any fear against any party or stances. But that does not mean that they are not accountable for their wrong doings. If one considered Turk President visit in November 2016 as the new way to represent democracy then being question able any time is also a part of it. Another way showed that Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif fulfill the desire of china they had for 60 years.

The agreements of various infrastructure industries and roads in 2015 were just another step forward towards such step. It is the matter of fact that Chinese administration during the era of Prime Minister Feroz Khan had the wish to get the access towards the warm water to complete the trade cycle as well as wants to compete for other traders in nearby ports.

The first or foremost benefit that would be clear in 2018 is 46186 Mega Watt Electricity produced by the different sources of electricity under the CPEC a new game changer in Pakistan. 2030 is the completion year for all kinds of such projects including the up gradation of the railway (160 km/hr). Further East Way Express way will link Gawadar, Quetta, and Karachi under the same project. One can hope that Gawadar And CPEC would be real game changer Of Pakistan finally.


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