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Mango Production Farming Exports From Pakistan 2016 Technology

Here, you can have a look at the outlook and detailed reports carrying facts and figures of these mango production exports. It is the time that we need to do something for these post-harvest losses. It is researched that almost 30% to 40% of mangoes are wasted in each single year. If we will be improving the methods and ways of picking up these fruits, if we will follow the strategy of value addition then these post-harvest losses of these mango production exports can be reduced a lot.

Mango Production Exports From Pakistan- How to reduce these Post Harvest Losses?

  • It has been our target all the time to export 100,000 tons of mangoes each and every year. But all the time, we fail to achieve this target. It is because of the fact that we are seeing a massive decrease in this mango food production.

Mango Production Exports From Pakistan Post Harvest Losses

  • It is due to these monsoon rains that major portion of these mangoes production has been damaged. If we want to increase the mango exports and if we want to overcome these post-harvest losses then we have to open up new mango markets in other countries. This can be done by arranging fruit festivals and mango exhibitions in our country.
  • Our premium market is the EU and we have to first give priority this premium market. We need to have some more advanced facilities while handling the mango consignments. The speedy and also effective handling of these mango consignments is the need of the time.
  • We have to tap up the markets of US and also Japan and Iran, South Korea. We should be improving the processes so that fruit can be picked up in a better way. The concept of value addition in these major exports can help us a lot.

We hope that with these suitable strategies, mango production exports, and the post-harvest losses can be well tackled.

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