Buy Pakistan Railway Ticket Online Reservation Through UBL Omni

So, you are here to buy a online ticket for Pakistan railway. One knows that you are here to get reservation for your seat to travel within Pakistan. It is so easy to think and get through the UBL Omni. Now you can pay your online ticket price or reservations fee through UBL Omni. It was time when Pakistan railway never think about updates but now a day it is not reality. Pakistan railway is making improvements in its action plan like Buy Pakistan Railway Ticket Online Reservation.

One can say it in manner that it is first time in the history that Pakistan railway is getting the latest edition to provide online reservation and purchasing ticket facility to all those living within Pakistan. It is much optimistic in knowing what actually goes on but UBL omni linked with Pakistan railway finally explored and further available for Pakistanis. Just three steps guide makes you aware how to pay for Pakistan railway ticket online through UBL.

1st Step-Go to official website of Pakistan Railway

2nd Step-Fill details in Pakistan Railway online form and get the secret code

3rd Step- adopt any payment method for your Pakistan railway ticket or reservation- go to UBL Omni Dukaan or Omni Mobile application or UBL Debit or credit card

So, here you use the online platform with the collaboration of Pakistan Railway and UBL Omni. It is efficient and best way to pay for the online ticket.

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Lastly, you just have to show your received SMS after all activity to confirm that you owned your ticket or reservation during your journey with Pakistan Railway.

Buy Pakistan Railway Ticket Online Reservation Through UBL Omni

ubl omni pakistan railway

It is very simply explained method by UBL Omni and Pakistan Railway to pay for tickets and get the online reservation. If you still have issues than you can call 111-825-777. Here is the helpline for you to deal with your issues and problems while using the Online Pakistan Railway Ticket system integrated with UBL Omni. Now a days Pakistanis are paying their online ticket fee through UBL net banking as well.

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