E Stamping Punjab Bank Form Generate Challan 32-A Download Here

This system of E stamping has been introduced by the CM of Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif. It is a great initiative by Punjab information technology board and too by the Board of Revenue Bank of Punjab and the Government of Punjab. With the help of this E stamping, you can easily get these E stamp papers in just 15 minutes. Now you do not have to wait in long lines and you do not have to wait for days and days. For the information, this E stamping paper is available at the Bank of Punjab branches. First you have to download the Challan 32-A from the subjected site which is given and then Punjab bank will be giving you this E stamping paper. Below the details that how can you get this E stamping paper:

To get this E stamping paper, you have to visit download link for Challan 32-A. Then you have to fill up the 32-A challan form. When you will be done with the filling of this challan form, take the print out this challan form. You have to submit this form in yours Bank of Punjab branch. Then you have to submit your stamp duty and your concerned Bank of Punjab branch will be giving you the E stamping paper. It is reported that because of the introduction of this E stamping, 5 Lakh, fifty seven thousand and 36 individuals of Pakistan have been benefitted.

E Stamping Punjab Bank Form Generate Challan 32-A Download Here

Now, you really do not have to wait for 3 days to get your E stamping paper. This task will now be done in only 15 minute. You can also call on their helpline number to get further details, the helpline number is 0800-08-100. This helpline number is available from 9 – 5. You should regularly visit this site to know more about this system of E stamping.

Complete Steps For E Stamping In Pakistan

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We praise and appreciate the efforts of Punjab information technology board, Board of Revenue Bank of Punjab and the Government of Punjab that they have introduced this E stamping system. We hope that because of this system, no fraudulent property cases will come up and all property owners will come up with valid E stamping papers. Just fill up your challan form from the concerned site of E stamping and get it printed. Then take your E stamping paper from the Bank of Punjab branch. Stay tuned to get more information and instant updates about this newly launched system.


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