FR Cable Price List 2023 In Pakistan

FR cable name means Fire resistant cable. get FR Cable Price List 2023 In Pakistan FR cable is a cable which protects your home from specially shot circuits. This is the cable which gives protection from fire and also major disaster in your lives. In this cable 99.99% pure copper used and also this cable have full gauge of high grade copper. In the best cables of Pakistan FR cable has the name in top of list like (Pakistan cable, Fast or GM) FR cables also know by his own name and quality of product in entire electric market of general cables in Pakistan. This cable especially used by his fire protection material which is considerable in electric industries.

This will attract customer because of its high grade insulation used for the protections of shot circuits. This cable also available all sizes of cable like (1mm2 , 3/29 , 7/29, 7/36, 7/44, 7/52, 7/64, Coaxial wire and also Pairs for telephonic wiring like 1 Pair ,2Pair, Pair, 4 Pair, 6 Pair, 8Pair).This cable easily available in local and industrial market. Also rate is not too much but normal like other cable in local market. This cable covers all international standards of cables.

FR Cable Price List 2023 In Pakistan

FR cables Price List 2023 in Lahore is available for you people as under the below link for better understanding about the cable rates and sizes. In this cable list you people can get 35 % off from given rates in this list. FR cable price list 2023 in kohat also this rate list considerable and discount will be the same. Company doesn’t have many dealers but deal direct with consumer. Because company want to check demands of customer specially FR Cable or any other cable.

FR Cable Price List

FR cable Price list 2023 in Karachi and Peshawar also same on direct dealing but the dealer must pay delivery expenses for getting discounts. In this cable no token for promotion but its name sale increase day by day. So you people must approach to FR Cable for getting maximum protection of your beloved lives.


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