How To Get Drug Licence In Pakistan Online Drug Sale Licence In Punjab

Are you looking for the details as to How To Get Drug Licence In Pakistan Online Drug Sale Licence In Punjab? We can give you complete method and procedure to do that. If you have a medical store then it is all important for you to get done with its legal as well as valid license processing. You should be getting a complete approval right from Government of Punjab. We know that many of the medical stores which are in Punjab, they are heavily involved and taking part during this selling of sub standard, fake drugs drug licence online check punjab pakistan. Now it has been made compulsory by the Punjab Government that each of the medical store owner should be getting a legal license for their medical store. So let us have a look that how to get drug licence in Pakistan!

Regarding the process of this online drug sale licence in Punjab Pakistan, you can get submit with your form in any of the offices like in the Chief drugs controller office which is located in the Lahore Division. You can submit your form in any of the Drug testing laboratories which are located right in the cities of Bahawalpur or in Multan. If any Drug testing laboratories are located in Faisalabad and Rawalpindi then you can submit your form over there too. Applicants and medical store owners can submit their form in this Secretary DQCE Office as well which is located in all of the districts of Punjab.  It will through this online procedure that you will complete this process. Just the duration and span of 45 days, you will get a legal license right for your medical store.

How To Get Drug Licence In Pakistan Online Drug Sale Licence In Punjab

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This is how to get drug licence in Pakistan. You will not be given any licence if you will not be able to clarify your position with regard to your medical store storage system. Your medical store hygienic system position should be cleared as well. Note that all of premises and the entire condition and position of your medical store should look tidy enough. Your Medical store has to show a sign board which will be present right outside of your store. This  word “pharmacy” should be written on that sign board. Regarding clarifying position of your prescription forms, on those forms, name of patient, date when your medicine was sold out, subscriber name, the drugs name, manufacturing company name, number of medicines that have been sold,  batch name- all these details should be available on your prescription forms.

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