K&N Chicken Products Price List In Pakistan 2024

When we talk about the founding pillar and also beacon for the Poultry industry of Pakistan then we will always say the name of K&N. They started their operations in the year of 1964. They have this single-minded and sole objective of providing and giving better and best nutrition through their poultry K&N price list. K&N has always shown determination and strives to give health and happiness to the people of their nation k&n products price list 2024.

Their healthy and nutritious chicken products are large in number. They offer a variety and range of whole chicken. Their designer cuts and premium boneless meat are much liked by people k&n products price list 2024. Their ready-to-cook products and fully and whole-cooked chicken products come with many broad choice options. So check out the further details of K&N Chicken Products Price List In Pakistan 2024 from here. k&n price list.

K&N Chicken Products Price List In Pakistan 2024 Deline Boneless Chicken Price

They offer consumer products and industrial products. Their range and kinds of industrial products come in the form of parent stock. You can have broiler and layer day-old kinds of chicks.

You can too have hatching eggs as well as poultry feed. In terms of their breaded products, they offer nuggets, croquettes, tender pops, thunder fillet breasts, and thunder fillet thighs. You can try their fun nuggets, hot tenders, burger patties, harry bharal nuggets, and combo wings as well. Have their chicken tempura and fiery fingers, you will love it. k&n price list

You may call our Toll Free number 0800 11156 between 9am till 8pm to place your order any day.

Talking about their collection of kababs, try their seekh kabab, chapli kabab and shami kabab, kofta. Enjoy the taste of their kafta kabab, Mughlai tikka. Their Deline which is a protein power breakfast, it is loved by all of us.

Enjoy the delicious taste of their breakfast sausage, Frankfurter sausage, and Jumbo Frank sausage with cheese and onion k&n products price list 2024. Take their Jumbo Frank sausage with Jalapeno peppers and cheese and Bologna Slices. Enjoy the excellent taste of Mortadella Slices, Pepperoni slices, and Smoked breast fillet strips K&N price list

K&N Chicken Products Price List

For their Chunks products, they are fully and completely cooked. These chunk products come with so much great and best tasting. You can enjoy them while having them in your salads. You can have them in your sandwiches, or pasta. Use them as a topping for your pizzas. k&n price list

Their chicken tikka chunks, samosa tornados, and achari samosa- you will fall in love with their tastes. For their savoury baked products, they include puff patteze and patteze. Their Safe and Healthy Chicken Cube is Monosodium Glumate free. You can use it just as a flavor enhancer. It is naturally kind of flavourful and also healthy for your body.


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