Lahore Metro Bus Student Card Recharge, Fee, Balance Check Online

This page is here to give you the details about Lahore metro bus student card Recharge, Fee, Balance Check Online. If you like to travel by metro bus and you are living in this Lahore city then make sure that you do get your student card. With the help of this student card, you will get a major chunk and amount of discount. You can download your form and then this form will be proceeded to give you your students.

On this form, you will enter your personal information and then your institute information. You can also contact the help desk service of the metro bus so that you can have more details about this student card, You will know about methods how can you recharge this student card and how can you check your balance as well metro bus card apply online speedo bus card. Details on the further note about the Lahore metro bus student card Recharge are shared below metro bus card recharge Punjab Masstransit Authority Card Balance Check.

Lahore Metro Bus Student Card Recharge, Fee, Balance Check Online

This Lahore Metro bus student card Fee can be checked by getting in touch with the Metro bus service helpline number metro bus card apply online. We know that these buses are fully air-conditioned buses, They have in total of 28 seats, 9 of the seats have been reserved for ladies, on the other and, 19 of the seats have been reserved for men’s PMA metro card balance check speedo bus card. These buses too have security cameras and metro bus card balance check online Pakistan.

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Lahore Metro Bus Student Card Recharge

How To Metro Card Recharge

There are several ways to recharge your Metro Card in Pakistan. Here are some of the most popular methods:

  • Via the Metro Card App: The Metro Card App is a mobile app that allows you to recharge your card, check your balance, and view your transaction history. To recharge your card using the app, simply open the app, enter your card number, and select the amount you want to recharge. The app will then generate a QR code that you can scan at any Metro Card recharge kiosk.
  • ia online banking: Most banks in Pakistan offer online banking services that allow you to recharge your Metro Card. To do this, simply log into your online banking account, select the “Metro Card” option, and enter your card number and the amount you want to recharge. The bank will then transfer the funds to your Metro Card.
  • Via SMS: You can also Metro Card Recharge your Metro Card via SMS. To do this, simply send an SMS to the following number:
    • 8888: This number is for Jazz and Warid users.
    • 786: This number is for Telenor and Ufone users. The SMS should contain the following information:
    • Your Metro Card number
    • The amount you want to Metro Card Recharge
    • The word “RECHARGE”
  • Via Metro Card recharge kiosks: There are Metro Card recharge kiosks located at all Metro stations. To recharge your card at a kiosk, simply insert your card into the kiosk and select the amount you want to recharge. The kiosk will then dispense a receipt with your new balance Metro Card Recharge.

Metro Bus Card Balance Check Online Pakistan

Regarding Lahore metro bus student card Balance Check Online, you can check their official site. You can even visit their station and their staff will guide you on how much is charged to the students. This Metro Card has the price of PKR 200, the cost of the card is PKR 130 and then the amount of PKR 70, it is the balance that can be recharged by your side from any of the Metro Bus stations pma metro card balance check. You can have the card only as well which has price of Ras 130. It is all up to you how much balance you want to add to your metro bus card.

When you get this card then you need to scan it as well before you enter the bus. This is all about the Lahore metro bus student card Recharge. If you are still studying then you should get this Lahore metro bus student card, it will reduce your traveling costs for sure.


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