Pakistan Cables Price List 2023 3/29 Wire 7/29 Wire

The possible way out to be discuss here about Pakistan Cables Price List 2023. Actually every company has its own pros and cons in terms of electricity wiring. Whenever a person wants to build a house he has all intensions towards it because building a house is not a task of day. It takes time, effort and money. The first thing came is mind when anyone builds a house is grey structure. It may includes electric pipe price in pakistan. Now there are two types of people here at this point. The first type thinking cost effective. They will go with the prices like 30 rupees for 3/4 Inch pipe and 40 pkr for 1 inch pipe. Such persons are mostly contractor who wants to build house in no time with least cost.

Pakistan Cables Price List 2023

The second person is actuall owner of the house and mostly select popular pipes price list or GM pipe. If he finds both pipes much costly then he will go with turk plast pipes. The purpose of such comparative prices so that you can get the idea what will be your choice in this regard.

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Main Point:

Now get back to our main point that what kind of wiring should be used while constructing a house. The house construction is not a joke therefore donot try to make fool yourself. You are now going to take a biggest decision of your life. The electricing wiring is something that directly effects you in terms of life saving or life distrupting factor. You have to choose gm cables price list or Fast cables price list or FR cables price list. Now we are going to explain another type Pakistan Cables Price List. Its actually a premium cables above or beyond the quality.

It come with heavy value tag in market. Contractors are reluctant to purchase it due to cost factor. Again if you are house owner then you will increase your budget intentionally to buy this type of cable. At this page, we are going to share with you Pakistan Cables Prices in the form of list you have sense of purchasing it from market. Have idea of pak cables price list 2023

If we talk about shah alam market in lahore then nobody would like to recommend it to buy. The only reason it came with the least profit margin. Local traders always mentioned local cables like liaqaut cables to pursuade customers to buy that instead of pakistan cables. We are sharing prices so you can check your budget before visiting markets.

Month to month price list is not an important factory because prices changes march to march. so people mostly search for pakistan cables price list march 2023

Terms & Conditions

  1. This price list is subject to change without prior

  2. Registered prices are inclusive of 17% sales tax to be charged from sales tax registered
  3. Un-Registered prices are inclusive of 20% sales tax to be charged from sales tax un-registered persons as per

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We only recommend to buy you Pakistan cables only if you are direct house owner and wants to know about pakistan cable 7/29 wire price in pakistan 2023. Then this page is for you.

The first step is to buy the pakistan cable 3/29 wire price in pakistan because it is most used cables types in the house. May be your electrician recommends to buy 3 coils of 3/29 in comparison of 1 7/29 wire coil. It normally happended due to your demand of sockets and switched in one room. Donot worry about that if you hire some experienced electrician.

Now, you have some idea about pakistan cable price list. This post is just for the idea. Rememeber if your good wishes. we are writing from lahore station therefore may be we mentions pakistan cables price list 2023 lahore but donot worry. If you are well aware about prices in lahore no shop owner can dodge you in terms of prices. Stay tuned and happy. Bye bye


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  1. Current rate of wires 7/29 and 3/29

  2. Unicore Cables is as good as Pakistan Cables, but offers higher discounts. Currently Unicore Cables 3/29 coil is at Rs. 3,950 while Pakistan Cable is almost double in price. No need to spend too much on Pakistan Cables when quality is the same.

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