Pakistan Railway Fare And Timings 2018 Saloon Fares Rates, Goods, Passenger

Details of Pakistan Railway fare and too information of their timings are here. You can visit their official site and they have loads of details and information about their station and train timings. You can calculate fares on your own too. You can know freight charges on your own.

Have you ever think about making the use of this Saloon service which is part of Pakistan Railway? Do you want to know what this Saloon service is all about? Well, probably many of the people from Pakistan would probably not be aware related with the saloon service. Check out the article given below and have an inside information about what Saloon is all about!

Saloon services provided by Pakistan Railway- Luxurious kind of carriage service

Saloon is basically the form of best and luxurious carriage service which is given by Pakistan Railway. This portion and department has the capacity of holding with almost three passengers only in its single cabin. It is meant for different routes within variety of cities such as from Lahore to Karachi, from Rawalpindi to Karachi and also from Lahore to Rawalpindi.

This service offer much smooth and calm travelling experience. This service is much refined and  comprise of elements of sophistication and sum of ambiance as well. There is no doubt about the fact that Pakistan Railway has been making the best efforts to provide high quality services to their customers. In all such aspects, this saloon service is one of the remarkable services which is made for railway customers. They have experienced staff members. You will surely be remembering this day of your traveling if you will book your ticket in saloon class.

Pakistan Railway Fare And Timings 2018 Saloon Fares Rates, Goods, Passenger

Pakistan Railway

List of Main Facilities provided by Saloon service

  • This saloon service will make you provide with the separate bed room.
  • Plus this saloon service is comprised with the settlement of exceptional looking sitting room that and this sitting room is accompanied with the access of sofa cum bed as well
  • In its additional services, it would make you provide with the best services of provision of refrigerator plus with the services of kitchen along with complete crockery
  • It is being settled with the facility of toilet along with shower and geyser and also bath tub.

Pakistan Railway Fare And Booking

Information About price and Fare given by Saloon service- This Fare is for Single Journey

  • From the station of Lahore to the station of Karachi the cost of non stop train is Rs. 75,900 and mail express train rate is around Rs. 63,300.
  • From the station of Lahore to the station of Rawalpindi. the cost and fare of non stop train is Rs. 17,500 and mail express train cost is around Rs. 14,600.
  • From the station of Rawalpindi to the station of Karachi, fare of of non stop train is Rs. 93,300 and mail express train fare is around Rs. 77,700.

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