Safari Park Lahore Ticket Price 2022

So here you will get the idea about Safari Park Lahore Ticket Price 2022. In the city of Lahore everyone in the hustle and bustle and in the competition of survival that sense make life very hectic and busy. Full of worries and tension of same boring routine make life colorless and less joyful. In the busy city at occasions people specially need some break and fun time with their families. In Lahore city some places those are established to provide fun time and equally bring close people to the nature that heals the inner worries and people can breathe in open environment safari park raiwind road, lahore ticket price 2022.

Lahore safari park is the place where people feel themselves in the nature and enclosure with wildlife. This park is design according to the international level in 1972; this place is great place for animal lovers because they can have very close encounter with animals, birds which is great experience and feel good to learn very different and unique information about animals that is not easily available and doesn’t teach in books (lahore safari park ticket price).  The environment of the park which has been created by the park authority make very strong connect with nature including different types of tree contain description plates and raw jungle look which amaze visitors.

At the starting point people have direct access in lin and panther cage but at the instigative behavior of visitors some heartbroken lion attack incidents happen in park that lead the decision to not open doors   cages like lions that would be dangers for visitors so now only in front cages lion and tiger can spot. Safari Park Lahore ticket price 2022 is vary according to the visitors. safari park raiwind road, Lahore ticket price 2022 also vary according to the vehicle. Small car are less of fee 60/-but large buss charge differently. Safari Park Lahore open today 8:00 am to sun set


  • entery fee for adults is 40/-
  • entery fee for kids 20 /-
  • special kids are free
  • child aged 3 are free

old adults over 60 are free

Safari Park Lahore Ticket Price 2022

Most important part is people have direct touch with animals and have the opportunity to feed animals with their hands in the bird section that brings soft corner for the birds and animals. It is very pleasing experience to watch the animals to be treated in very well manner and to look they have suitable environment to grow. Lahore safari park authorities are also breeding of animals like lions, tigers, birds that enlarge the amount of animals in the park.

Safari Park Lahore Ticket Price

Unique and rare species of animals and birds are found in park that are very expensive to have but in this way people can spend time with them which is refreshing. In park, not only animal’s attraction for people but entertainment for kids in form of fun land is also there. In fun land kids can enjoy on train, electric boat and so on. Kids and adults have the opportunity to ride on boat in long natural lake that gives thrilling experience. Hotels for eating and refreshment also there. Wash room’s facility also there.

Joyland Lahore Ticket Price 2022

Proper care for animal’s atmosphere in terms of hygiene shows in park. long safari track in the cages of animals are made for the seekers of wildlife here they spot real lions, tigers .there are  types of animals found there like Bengal tigers, lions, emu, sawan, nilgai, ostrich, snakes, black panthers, peacock ,duck, peawfowl, dear and so on that are very rare in nature Pakistan.

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