TCS Charges From Pakistan To Canada, International Delivery Rate

Get whole and complete info about TCS courier rates from Pakistan to Canada. Here is the simple method for you that you can visit official site of TCS and there with the help of their calculator, you can calculate your courier and parcel rates. They have made a calculator for you. You can select your desired country where you want your parcel to be delivered, do select your province where you are living. Then you will mention other details like type of your product weight of your product and click on the submit button. Right after few second, you will know courier rates with the help of this calculation method. Below are the details and figures of TCS courier rates from Pakistan to Canada. Note that these are not fixed rates. They can be revised as well by TCS. You should not consider these rates as fix rates. It can be changed on often and regular basis according to the terms and conditions as laid down by TCS.

For TCS courier rates from Pakistan to Canada, if you are from Punjab province and also weight of your document is 1 kg then your payment will be Rs 7402. For Punjab province residents, if their parcel is of 1.5 kg and product type is also in document form then they will submit the payment of Rs 9457. TCS Courier Rates From Pakistan To Canada International Delivery Rate

TCS Courier Rates From Pakistan To Canada, International Delivery Rate


For these Sindh province residents, if weight of your parcel is 1 kg and it is in non document product form then you will pay the amount of Rs 10465. Again for these Sindh residents, if your product type is non document and its weight is 1.5 kg then total price paid by you will be Rs 11862 according to TCS Rate Calculator Pakistan

We will give more details of TCS courier rates from Pakistan to Canada.You should again note that these rates and price figures are subject to revision. You should not be considering and also marking these rates as fixed. They can be revised at any time. We know that in Canada, lots of Pakistanis are living. If your relative is living in this country Canada or you want to send some business documents over there then you can use this TCS calculator. If there is a heavy parcel that you want to ship to Canada then you can know about rates of shipment beforehand.


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