TCS Rate Calculator Pakistan 2023 Courier Rates Complete Calculation Method

You can use this TCS rate calculator so that you know about complete calculation method. If you are from Pakistan then visit official site of TCS. You can click on their section rate calculator. Mention your country name and province name. Then mention name of country where you want your parcel to be reached. You have to clearly mention that whether this parcel is in document form or non document form. Then mention weight in kilograms. Submit on the click button and you will rate and fare of your parcel. So before you send and dispatch any parcel or good through using services of TCS, you can calculate fare beforehand. so the TCS Rate Calculator Pakistan

Introduction about TCS

TCS is also known by the name of Tranzum Courier Services. This is one of the well established known courier services working in Pakistan that was started off as in the year 1983. This courier service has its main headquarter in Pakistan. It is providing its services in almost 2000 locations and places of Pakistan and even in the accessibility of almost 5 continents with the range of  about 3500 plus locations worldwide.

TCS Rate Calculator Pakistan 2023 Courier Rates Complete Calculation Method

This company is being often providing with the airline services as well that is meant for the cargo purpose only. This cargo service is operating as into many of the airports of Pakistan. This TCS company has been serving through  853 Express Centers and it has coverage of almost 375 satellite-tracked kind of delivery vehicles. It has an experienced team of about 4,000 courier men and staff mates. This company has recently set an initiative of setting up this Business Partnership of TCS and UPS.


This courier service is often stepping up in providing their customers exceptional service. They have always aligned their mission and goals by means of dedication and hard work. They have an experienced and a complete team of professional and passionate workers. You can get whatever sort of services you want to have and that too without any sort of fear of getting your accessories and items lost. TCS company is all aimed in winning the trust of their customers and they are also care regarding empowerment of their clients and customers. Hence, all in all we would say that for TCS, customers matters.

Check Your TCS Rates Here

Stay connected and do use TCS fare calculator system to calculate rates and fare of your parcels and goods beforehand.




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  2. What is the rate of 3-4 kg shipment from pakistan to USA?

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