Zenith Qurbani Rates 2022 Bakra, Chatra, Dumba, Cow Fresh And Hygienic

Here you can know and have details of Zenith qurbani rates. As Eid ul Azha is coming soon and all people from Pakistan wants to know about qurbani rates. Since 2007, Zenith is offering its services to people of Pakistan with respect to proceedings of Eid ul Azha. They have their centres in Lahore, Islamabad and also in Rawalpindi. They give fresh and too hygienic meat to their customers. so have Zenith Qurbani Rates Bakra details here

Zenith qurbani rates

  • For bakra, it is for Rs 29,700. For chatra, it is for Rs 25,500.
  • For dumba, it is for the amount of Rs 24,500. For full and complete animal qurbani, it is for amount Rs 94000.
  • For camel qurbani, it is of Rs 139,000. To have portion in camel qurbani, it is of Rs 21,500.

It is true that this firm of Zenith, they have rich packed history of giving safe and also hygienic meat items and products to their customers. Their meat quality is always exceptional. They cater to large customers who are living in Lahore.

Their meat products have always guaranteed satisfaction. They have professional, well trained export division and they supply and give meat to many and large number of countries. Zenith is one of the largest and well reputed meat exporters who are working for Pakistan. They have this belief that they should work for the convenience of their clients and customers. They have string vision and strong mission set in their minds. This Zenith has now come up with their modern and latest trade division.

Zenith Qurbani Rates 2022 Bakra, Chatra, Dumba, Cow Fresh And Hygienic

They also give excellent and wonderful margins to all of their retailers. Their emat products have the matchless quality, they offer packed meat to their customers. They follow the rule of zero tolerance policy when it is matter of their product quality. It is a preferred and most favorite meat brand all over Pakistan.

Zenith Qurbani Rates In 2017

They have open franchise process as well so that new and fresh members can be added in their family and system. You can become the part of Zenith Franchise Network by applying into these franchise application process.

Details of Zenith qurbani rates have also been shared above. More details about this company will be given. For this Eid ul Azha, you can contact them and have your qurbani meat from them. They offer affordable qurbani rates. to their customers.

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