Balochistan Quota Jobs In Islamabad 2020 Federal Based Job

It is best through the way out for Balochistan Quota Jobs In Islamabad 2020 Federal Based Job. It has now been informed to the Senate by the Minister for Climate Change Zahid Hamid informed the Senate that Balochistan`s job quota in all of the federal government`s departments is increased from 3.5 to 6 per cent. It has also been informed by theĀ  minister that right now 2,552 employees are working in the Ministry of Law and Justice. Whenever vacant posts in any of the federal government`s departments were seen then they were filled as per according to the provincial quota Balochistan Quota In Islamabad Jobs.

Why Balochistan quota in Federal jobs is increased?

  • It is seen that quite a small number of candidates who are from Balochistan usually applied for jobs. In order to increase their presence in these federal government`s departments, their quote has been increased.
  • It has also been told by the Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs that by far and at present 93 people had Fata`s domiciles and they worked for PIA. When their domiciles were being verified then only 20 domiciles are the genuine one.
  • Experts are are also of this belief that we need to put a full a stop on this overlapping. The proper quota should be distributed in all of the provinces. We also need to set up a proper focal institution and a channel that can verify the domiciles of the candidates.
  • Their quota has also been increased because most of the candidates from Balochistan could not clear tests because they came from backward areas. The minister told the media that total eight contractual employees in Nadra, Balochistan appeared in tests. All 8 of them could not qualify for these posts because of their backwardness of their areas. Now rules have been relaxed for these Balochistan candidates. It is ordered that these Balochistan candidates will now be appearing for one more time in these tests. If they will be getting at least 25% marks then they will be appointed for this post.


Balochistan Quota In Islamabad Jobs 2020 Federal Based Job

Balochistan Quota In Federal Jobs

My View

It is a fact that Balochi people all the time feel left out whenever it comes to the provision of opportunities. If such step like that of increase in quota has been taken by the Government then we hope that now Balochi people will not feel to be left out. It is the duty of the Government to take all the provinces on the same levels and on the same pages.

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