Career After ICS In Pakistan Fields After ICS Stats After Physics Courses

Get details of your Career After ICS In Pakistan Fields After ICS Stats After Physics Courses! This ICS degree is an intermediate education of computer studies. If you restrict your ICS degree just up to the level of intermediate then no high-scale job will be given to you. It is better to get a master’s level degree in the subject of computer studies.

Career After ICS In Pakistan Fields After ICS Stats After Physics Courses

Once you have specialization in the discipline of computer studies then more enriching career options will come in your path. So here is the ideas on what to do after ics. This discipline of computer studies has many computer engineering degrees in its medium and they are software engineering, field if hardware engineering, field of electronics engineering.

Career options for ICS students after getting higher education in computer studies

  • Job option to become a Computer and Information Systems Manager
  • Job type to become a Computer and Information Research Scientist.
  • Become a Computer Hardware Engineer and software Systems Developer.
  • Have a career as a Computer Network Architect and electronics Engineer.
  • Become a Software Applications Developer, Information Security Analyst or as Computer Systems Analyst.
  • Have career path as Computer Programmers or as Database Administrators or as Computer Science Teachers.
  • Get a career path as a Network and also Computer Systems Administrator, Web Developers or Computer Network Support kind of Specialists.
  • Career as Computer User Support kind of Specialists, Computer Operators, Computer, repairers, Office Machine Repairers and also Office Machine Operators.

Fields of computer engineering opened for ICS students

  • Field of software engineering
  • Field of hardware engineering
  • Field of data science engineering
  • Field of Electronics engineering or Electrical engineering
  • Field of Mechatronics Engineering
  • Field of Communications Engineering.

Computer engineering sub-categories for ICS students

  • Computer Hardware Engineering
  • Computer Software Engineering

Why students should be studying ICS?

This intermediate degree in computer studies, it is quite productive for students. The demand of computer engineers is quite popular these days. These computer engineers are in high demand by the complex, developing and also innovative firms related to technology.

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Demand of software engineers

If you will study this field of software engineering then you will learn about programming and also about Web Development. You will learn about application development. You can work with larger companies and you can also work as freelancer.

Demand of computer engineers

Then we have career field of computer engineering and from this field, computer engineers are made. From this computer field, you learn about high level computer engineering and Software Engineering, concepts about Hardware Engineering

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Demand of hardware engineers

In a similar manner, students of ICS can make their educational degree more mature and professional for themselves if they will have a graduation of their computer engineering discipline in the field of hardware engineering. There are many choices and many educational programs for ICS students. They should not stop their studies up to just the intermediate level. Instead, they should complete their computer engineering studies even up to the level. On a side-by-side note, they can have part-time jobs and small jobs and working experiences for themselves but they should not finish their computer engineering studies up to inter level.

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