Career After Matric In Pakistan What Should I Do After Matric

So what can be career after matric in Pakistan? Even if you have matriculation degree, you can start and initiate many career field lines for yourself. For students of matric, they can make their careers in diversified fields. They can indulge in medicine field, they can be linked with engineering field. Computer science field is opened for them, then field and career line of arts and humanities are opened for these students of matric class. Option of army is also for these matriculation students. Here we are sharing details about various career options and extensive field lines which students of matric class can further persue for theirselves. You should not limit your higher education on just and mere and two to three options. There are wide career paths for you, discover and explore them:

Field of medicine

After your matric studies, you can involve in field of medicine. Like you can do medicine, MBBS studies, you can do BDS studies or DPT studies. You can have a nursing course. You can bachelor studies in eye field, hearing field, speech therapy field. MBBS and BDS degrees are basic degrees. These matric students after completing their MBBS, BDS degree, then they can jump on the next stage of specialization.

Field of engineering

Then these matriculation students can opt field of engineering. It is a promising career for make matriculation students. They can do electrical engineering, software or hardware engineering, mechanical or textile engineering. They can do chemical or computer science engineering, civil aviation engineering. The career line of engineering for these matriculation students have promising and shining prospects.

Career After Matric In Pakistan What Should I Do After Matric

Scope And Career Growth After 10th Class Matric Result For Students In Pakistan

Field of computer sciences

Then students of matriculation education, they can have their career in computer science field as well. Male students have sharp minds and they are more and good enough in computer science knowledge. It is all good and better for make matric students if they will adopt computer science field for their career. In today and current area, this field of computer technology has wide scope and you can have major chunk of your career in website development area as well.

Field of arts and humanities

This is a suitable field of female matriculation students. If female students have passed their 10th class then they can study subjects of arts, social sciences and humanities and these fields will give them job posts like lecturers, as a teacher, as a professor. In this discipline, there are many subjects which are being included. You will have subject lines ranging from psychology to philosophy, sociology to social work, english to economics, international relations to political science.

Field of army

Then last option which is left behind for these 10th class students is that they can have their career in Pakistan army. Each year, many junior level commissioned officer posts are opened by Pakistan army, naval army and also by Pakistan air force. Their requirement is also education upto matric class. So matric students can serve in these areas as well.

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Computer Application Diploma Course After 10th Class In Pakistan

Diploma after matric class in Pakistan is all about to get the practical experience before time. The diploma of computer application always has two reasons for students to opt. One reason it is about to get the utilization of free time. Most of the teacher who gets heavy tuition fees from parents of students recommended going for the computer applications diploma courses in Pakistan. The only reason behind is one student can cover up their left confidence in the proper and most authentic way through a channel. The computer or computer related fields are always in hot stories here in Pakistan specifically or other Asian regions Computer Computer Application Diploma Course After 10th Class.

The other reason that students have no management in doing the specific tasks. For example if students of matric class in Pakistan done with the matric in sciences he has no guidance what to do during result waiting period after exams. Those students did with matric through some cramming formulas given by the teacher in Pakistan. Mostly such teachers can find in the rural areas. Almost urban areas are clear from such mentality where customized attention of teacher is absent at students level. These students always in search for something else except study in these days.

Computer Application Diploma Course After 10th Class In Pakistan

After talking about nature of students pursuing the computer application certificate or diploma in Pakistan after matric class, let’s talk about the expected subjects to be covered in the course.

Normally such kind of computer application diploma goes for 6 months. Even there are institutes in Pakistan cover contents of computer application Diploma certificate in 3 months. The first chapter always in the content of computer application diploma to understand the system. The knowledge of systems and system understanding is always crucial for the students so that they can understand the real function of computer application while making any change on the computer.

The systems always created so that solutions of problems could be possible under those systems. The system analysis to know much about the systems and its way of action in detail. The making of design is to cover content for the design so that it may be possible for a student of matric does understand the nature of the system. There are three basic components of systems; input, processing, and output. These components get the platform of practical things in coming degrees for computer applications indeed. The next step in learning about the computer application to done with the system development life cycle.


The third type of students has only proper way and knowledge how to get benefit from the diploma of computer application in Pakistan ideally. These students are sharp minded and they knew the reality of doing the certificate or diploma in computer applications. They knew that the computer applications are basic level knowledge. The basics of systems or other queries in the computer would give them the best approach to get best possible knowledge of computer in a proper way. These students normally became a resource for the upcoming computer-related talent in Pakistan. Hence, computer application diploma in Pakistan after matric class is not less than a blessing for those students.

It is not a new content to get the know-how about the computer knowledge. The importance of system analysis is always a way to determine that how students would grasp in the knowledge of computer application. The next step is to a practical lab that shows how to get way to apply the knowledge. User training is one of the best ways that shows that how to analyze the purpose of installation of hardware and software in accordance with the system approach. In the end, one would get a chance to install the hardware and run the software at more than basic level after 10th class in Pakistan.

Short Courses After Matric In Pakistan Microsoft Office Certification After 10th Class

10th class is the basic level education almost all students have in an adequate manner. The 10th class students almost in search of something. One can give meaning to such something the way to get the new things in life. The creativity is always a lucrative aspect for many to get the interest at peak level. The level being incorporated in almost all those students who wants to grow in life and going faster than any other aspect. The lust to get the maximum level knowledge before the start of 11th class is actually lust to get the best place in the upcoming level. One can say that students life is the major decision maker who gives a man a way to get the success in Short Courses After Matric In Pakistan.

Therefore many institutes and colleges in Pakistan now offering short courses in information technology. Now the next question and justified as well that why the information technology being a focus in the contemporary studies in Pakistan now a day as well. The information school always considered technical aspect in its vision because it can observe through various streams that competitive one is only one which is career oriented and beneficial according to scope wise as well. The helping of such certificate is also termed as individual help, organizational aspect as well as the communities to achieve the measures.

Technology is the only platforms which considered the value of individuals who wants to grow with the speed of life. Now universities and colleges offering the short courses in Microsoft office training after the 10th class. Although the short courses are not well expressed and managed in Pakistan now a day specifically after such small level. But it gives the students an overview that what could be the future of those students go on the computer or information technology’ path. The path is clear as transparent at all levels because institutes want a good and mature way to develop the path for the career of information technology.

Short Courses After Matric In Pakistan Microsoft Office Certification After 10th Class

Here are benefits to going for Microsoft Office Certificate In Information Technology After 10th Class In Pakistan.

Pre FSc Classes In Punjab College

The first benefit to get the knowledge of Microsoft office certificate is to get some extra advantages  so that enable the way towards the technology. The second aspect is the organization of information so that the informational aspect would be high because stakes are high after getting the productive career. The leading position after 10th class in Pakistan looks difficult but actual position would be clear after the Microsoft office training approach . The planning of document and use of office related work would be clearer at student level although their chance to get the job are least in getting. The Working with the compiled and files shaped is the upcoming and retirement of the digital age and every student after 10th class should have to get through the Microsoft Office training module.

Scope And Career Growth After 10th Class Matric Result For Students In Pakistan

The module is so basic that even students waiting for the result can make a way to get the knowledge-based aspect.  The writing for the website is also so easy and for those students who want to earn as soon as possible must go for the Microsoft Office Training certificate because they would get the basic level approach to deal with writing buyers over there in the digital market. Writing a technical document requires lots of training to use the Excel and worksheets at office and freelancing style. The style would be familiar only in one sense that it can give a student’s of 10th class a way to get the education tag through this simple certification. The many universities in Pakistan are now offering the training and given a certificate for your effort. The certificate is easy to get the job and way of information technology at peak level.

Scope After 10th Class In Science, Arts Pakistan After Matric What Should I Do

It is the time to strive for excellence. If you have done matriculation then you should be taking admission in Government college University as compare to Private institution if you got good marks in exams. For the information, Universities has once again re-launched its I.COM, ICS and F.SC degree programs. If you want to make a brighter future of yours then do take admission in this college for your intermediate degree program. Now it is not time to waste in this busy life to search diploma after 10th class and even course after 10th. Now it is just time to accept the reality that student should consider best scope and career after 10th that is practical in every sense. So do not get panic about the career options after 10th and mostly students starts their search just after 10th class result and Scope After 10th Class In Science

If you have to get done with your matric and waiting for your result then you consider taking admission in this Government college University Faisalabad. It was in the year 1897 when this college was first recognized as Municipal Middle school. Then in the year of 1905, this school was given the status of a high school. In the year of 1924, this college got the status to be called as an intermediate college. Then in the year 1933, Government college University Faisalabad got the status of Degree college.

Scope After 10th Class In Science, Arts Pakistan After Matric What Should I Do

Dr Nadeem Sohail message for 10th class students

The principal of this Government college University Faisalabad Dr Nadeem Sohail conveyed his message to the students that they will be getting conducive and professional academic environment in this college. They will be doing their practical in fully and completely equipped laboratories. The college is best for the intermediate students. If you want to character building of yours, if you want to develop and polish your personality then you should get admission in this Government college University Faisalabad.

Scope After 10th Class Matric Result For Students In Pakistan

They are too offering wide in range of scholarships to their students like that of MORA scholarship and GCUF talent scholarship. On the need as well as on the merit basis, this college has been offering these scholarships. The degree of Intermediate makes the base of your career. It is the foundation of your career. We are sure that if you will be admitted to this university, your career will face higher success.

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