Lady Cadet Course Sample Paper, MCQs Online Preparation

Lady Cadet Course Sample Paper will clarify you many Pakistan army test questions and answers. These questions are relevant to the test and may be asked you in the upcoming lady cadet course LCC-14 recently announced by the lcc test preparation. The Pakistan army initial test verbal includes in this test course sample paper. The post is open for registration. The post for those who recently have applied for the lady cadet course 2018 registration and now taking time to prepare for the lcc course syllabus

Thee course is all about the military aspects successfully focused every way out. You should be sufficient able to solve the general science questions, arithmetic reasoning, world knowledge, paragraph comprehension, mathematics knowledge to get the best score in the recent announced Lady Cadet Course 2018. The general science is accessible and easy to memorize for every student either he as the background of the science or not.

Lady Cadet Course Sample Paper, MCQs Online Preparation

LCC(Lady Cadet Course) 20 Announcement
Online Registration will start from 30th of Novemeber
Thank you!!

Preliminary Tests For PMA 149 L/C are in progress From 11th Nov 2021. Online Registration for LCC-20 will start from 30th Nov 2021

Lady Cadet Course Sample Paper

The next thing is the type of questions which are going to share here at this page in the form of Lady Cadet Course Sample Paper. Those students who wants to get good grades must think about the general science questions in the format that is relevant to the reality. These are some of the points which make you clear about the solving of the general science questions.

CHEMISTRY Sample Paper


MATH Sample Paper

PHYSICS Sample Paper

Pakistan Army Clerk Test Questions

The next approach in the Lady Cadet Course Sample Paper is to get in touch with the Arithmetic reasoning because it needs the basic knowledge of mathematics. If as a students who are free to perform under this situation then you may have many educated guess. The section is full of Lady Cadet Course MCQs which provide you the way to solve the questions being asked by the military administrator over there.

These are some kinds of steps which you should going to accept according to the need assessment. One can consider this writing as Lady Cadet Course test pattern 2022 as well. This way can help anyone without any descrimination. Every approach has its own way to make things workable. Now you are all aware about what is going to happen in next test. It is least approach you can do for the preparation indeed. You are certified now to do what the best you can do in this exam. So, go ahead with the reflective approach.


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  1. Assalamoalikum Sir,

    I need to know that if we have applied for Ms Psychology, please mention the subjects we need to have knowledge about. And do we have any sort of place from where we can do its preparation?
    I will be really thankful for your help.
    Thanking in anticipation.

  2. AoA i have applied for the post of bilogical crops please share the syllabus

    1. Aoa sir I have done my degree in BSIT. But I want to apply LLC 16 2020 for this post. Plz guide me can I apply this in the category of ICTO? Plz tell about this

      1. i have applied on this post and i also have IT degree

        1. I have applied on this post and I also have BSC in math physics please guide me

      2. Registrations will be opening soon keep checking join pak army website

  3. WHAT is the syllabus for supply chain managemnt?

    1. Hi ma’am did you find out the syllabus for supply chain?

  4. Assalam o Alaiikum
    What is the syllabus for Mechanical Engineering?

    1. Syllabus of academic part for electrical engineers ?

      1. Hi Zain, have you found the syllabus for electrical engineering for PMA short course?

  5. Assalam o Alaikum
    What subjects to prepare for Mechanical Engineering?

  6. Assalam o Alaikum
    What subjects to prepare for Mechanical Engineering??

  7. what is the syllabus for PRO ?

    1. I also need pro sylbs for 2019.agr ap ny 2018 ka paper dia h tou plz mjy guide kr dein

  8. kindly refer me AEC syllabus.

  9. Is there any position for female lawyers in Pakistan Army. Please let me know.

    1. No such positions in Army yet…

  10. kindly tell me syllabus for psychology??

  11. aoa sir plz tell me the syllabus for statistics?

  12. Anyone have any information about software engineering syllabus?

  13. I did BS in Computer Science,Can I apply in LCC for Information and Computer Technology Officier (CTO)?

    1. Same. I did Bs computer science too. But the field that is offered is Bs software engineering. Are we eligible? Did you apply yet?

  14. Assalam o alaikum!
    Anyone plz tell me Electrical Engineering syllabus for LCC corps of End?

  15. sir holders as LCC apply kr skty hain armed forces?

  16. I have applied for chemistry crops plz share the syllabus.

  17. Mechatronics sllybus for lcc.. can anyone guide plz

  18. Electronics Sllybus for LCC…can anyone guide please

  19. Sllybus for (BS)Geo-Informatics and Earth observation!!
    Corps of Engr. Applied for LCC-19

  20. syllabus of llc advocate general

  21. What is the sllybus for ispr post f lady cadet course ? About media students specially Msc Mass communication.

  22. Sir plz tell me the sllybus for bs.textile eng

  23. Sir tell me academic test like if we have done BS IR so it is related to that or something else?

  24. Aslam o Alaikum!sir I have done BS Mathematics from UOW.Can I join LCC?

  25. Electronics Syllabus for LCC , Can anyone guide please

    1. What is the syllabus for computer science?

  26. International relation syllabus for LCC

  27. What is the syllabus for international relation?

  28. Sir I want to apply as a Bio medical engineer please tell me the slybus

  29. What is the syllabus for BS Computer science for initial test.
    and anyone tell me the book is online available for initial test?

  30. Can you please guide from where we can do preparation for LCC academic test for MBA supply chain

  31. What is the syllabus of MBA Finance for initial test?

  32. Sir please share syllabus for food science and nutrition for LCC 21

  33. what is the syllabus for nutrition and food science

  34. I have applied for the LC 21 (bs hons food science and human nutrition). Please tell me about the syllabus?

    1. have you find syllabus

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