Pakistan Marine Academy Test Date 2024 PMA Course

So again the whole aspect was revised and the Pakistan Marine Academy test date was revealed to intake the Merchant Navy dech and marine engineering cadet. The Pakistan Marine Academy Test Date 2024 PMA Course batch is designed here by the marine academy for the session 2024 and declared as per the decided terms as listed in the advertisement being shared here. The merchant navy is the way to get the maximum approach for the journey.

The various aspects as mentioned in the advertisement are considered for the candidates who actually want to appear in the test. The test date is in September and the whole of Pakistan would be expected the target candidate pool. Only male unmarried candidates are invited here for the advertisement. The age for 31 December 2024 acceptable for admission purposes.

Pakistan Marine Academy Test Date 2024 PMA Course

The areas which is designated as the special invitation area are given the one-year relaxation in the age. The Higher secondary school certificate pre-engineering students have equal marks in physics, chemistry, and mathematics at least 55 percent marks. The final result awaiting students can submit their application but the compulsion on these candidates to submit their results on or before 20 September 2024.

Admission of 56th Batch Pakistan Marine Academy

The categories being made for the test is the Open merit category where 150 seats are available and teh 75 for the deck cadet and 75 for the engineering cadet. The test is competition among the Pakistan candidates for these 150 seats through one simple questions answers session which may be the most competitive as well.


Pakistan Marine Academy Admission For Session 2024 Deck And Marine Engineering Cadet

The job opportunities are available and the test is the intermediate step to judge which candidate is liable to achieve the engineer and deck cadet criterion. The certification is named ship management, marine engineering, and associate degree by the NED University of engineering and Technology in Karachi. The PMA certification for the 56th batch would be allocated here through this test which would be designed under the schedule as given here on this page.

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