Fauji Fertilizer Management Trainees Test 2018 Sample Paper Pattern MCQs

For the Management Trainees Test 2018, here we will share complete details with you. This job is announced by FFC. They have already commenced their tests on the dates of 29th Jan 2017 and 26th Feb 2017. Now they will take their tests on the dates of 26th March 2017, 11th June 2017, 17th Sept 2017 and 17th Dec 2017. To know about the weightage information and syllabus details, we will let you know. 25% of weightage is given to the section of Verbal Reasoning and IQ. The Analytical Reasoning section carries 25%. 50% of subject related questions will come because Fauji Fertilizer Management Trainees Test Sample Paper here to help out.

Weightage given to the disciplines

For the discipline of mechanical, it has overall weightage of 50%. Powerplants and thermodynamics consist of 10% marks distribution. Materials and manufacturing processes has weightage of 10%. The subject of machine design carries 10% weightage. The mechanics of material has 5% marks allocation. The topics related to mechanical vibrations consist of weightage of 5%. The questions related to basic electrical and electronics will have 5% marks distribution.

Information about Fauji Fertilizer Management Trainees Test 2017 Sample Paper Pattern MCQs

  • For the discipline of Chemical, It has maximum weightage of 50%. Other details are: Chemical process principles, 10% weightage. Chemical engineering thermodynamics, 10% weightage. Chemical reaction engineering, 10% weightage. Heat and mass transfer, 10% weightage. Fluid mechanics, 5% weightage. Instrument and process control, 5% weightage.

Fauji Fertilizer Management Trainees Test 2018 Sample Paper Pattern MCQs

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  • Electrical discipline, it has maximum weightage of 50%. It is divided in this way: Power generation and transmission, 10% weightage. Power distribution, 10% weightage. Power system protection, 10% questions will come from this section. Power electronics, 10% weightage is given to this particular subject. High voltage engineering, 5%. Power system analysis, 5%
  • Discipline of Insrument. electronic, it consist of 50% weightage. It is further divided in such a way: Analogue electronics, 10% weightage. Digital logic design, 10% weightage. Power and industrial electronics, 10% weightage. Control systems, 10% weightage. AC and DC machines, 5% weightage. Telecommunication 5% weightage.
  • The discipline of Chemist, it consist of maximum weightage of 50%. Inorganic and analytical chemistry, 20% marks allocation. Applied and environmental chemistry, 10% marks distribution. Organic and biochemistry, 10% marks allocation for this section. Physical chemistry, 10% marks are for this portion.

These are the details for this Sample Paper for these subjected job posts. You should prepare all of these subjects and topics because each of subject carries weightage. Do not miss any subject. We wish you good luck for this trainee test.

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