Ganga Ram Hospital Lahore Job opportunity For Medical Officer and Nurses

The advertisement dispersed from Ganga Ram hospital Lahore on 11 May 2016 about the recruitment policy for Medical officer and woman medical officers as well. The job is well reputed in public designation criterion and age limit is 22 to 35 years required experience and MBBS as mandatory elements to apply for the job. The eligibility of MBBS and Registration with Pakistan Medical and Dental Council is necessary to apply for the job. The one-year house job for the medical officer is must element to apply for a job. The interview details are given here in the advertisement.

Ganga Ram Hospital Lahore Job opportunity for Medical Staff 11 May 2016

Job duties of Medical Officers

The worldwide perspective about medical officer shows that there are many internal and external job duties requires the medical officer to fulfill. The Internal factors in collaborating with the medical staff there involved in practice management staff. The administrative staff, as well as the reception activity, is involved in the job description of medical officer to monitor. The nurses are there under the supervision of a medical officer. The other duties are doctors; Pharmacist, physiotherapist, and other health providers are in a relationship with the medical officer.

The external affairs while having the designation included as patients, visitors, business partners who want to grow with health institution and health professionals. Normally, medical officers are doing relationship management under these perspectives as given above.  There are 5 seats offered by the advertisement of Ganga Ram hospital smoothly run the systems applied in the hospital. The monitoring cell involved here is Punjab Government itself. The Punjab government has its own recruitment policy and all medical would be recruited according to the policy required for the employees to get apply in the department. There are candidates waiting for the medical officer job but the only those get successful that may have relevant eligibility criteria to apply. The only merit recruitment policy would be followed so that there would be no black sheep in the public sector department would be entered.

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