Pakistan Railway Labour Scheme 2016

The Labour Package` has now been announced by Khwaja Saad Rafique for Pakistan Railway  5,000 railway employees. They will now be taking benefit from this `Labour Package`. This scheme will be able to be implemented with effect right from Jan 1, 2016.
It is for the information that this package is for the employees having BS-1 to BS-11 grades. This Pakistan Railway Labour Scheme 2016 was announced during the signing ceremony of an agreement that was taking place between Pakistan Railways (PR) and also its subsidiary PRACS at the PR headquarters in Lahore.

Pakistan Railway Labour Scheme 2016 details

  • According to this under the agreement, it will be the duty of PRACS to do the`branding` of five express trains and also 14 stations. It will also be paying more than Rs140 million annually to the entire railways.
  • This Pakistan Railway Labour Scheme 2016 also states that a sum of Rs390 million, one-time benefit and also technical allowance will also be able to be disbursed among all of the rail workers.
  • It has been notified that both of the railways and also finance ministries have finalised this Pakistan Railway Labour Scheme 2016. This package has been right now waiting for the approval by the prime minister. Right after the approval, payments to all of the employees will be started.
  • As per the Public Sector Development Programme, about Rs300 million will be used for the making of residential quarters of railway workers.
  • Also, a sum of Rs25 million will also be used on repairs and also rehabilitation of officers` bungalows.
  • About Rs270.5 million will also be used on the upkeeping of all of the residential quarters that have been allotted to the workers.

Railway Labour Scheme

My View

The sector of Pakistan Railway has not been in the limelight all the time. It does not get its due amount of attention. It is neglected most of the time by the Government of Pakistan. Not now with the arrival of this, Pakistan Railway Labour Scheme 2016 some hopes can be seen. Hopefully, with the implementation of this scheme, its employees and officers might be able to get maximum benefit and incentive. We have to take along all of the sectors working in Pakistan at the same level. Neglection in any one of the sectors will take Pakistan one step back in terms of development.

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