Punjab Police Special Branch Jobs 2017 NTS Screening Test Format Subjects Syllabus

Punjab Police Special branch now require resource from 36 districts of Punjab and NTS screening test of those applicants would be held at 8 district cities according to the schedule given by the testing authority NTS. The Punjab Police special branch cadre posts lie in these categories are

  1. Assistant Supervisor EDC BS 09 In Punjab Police Special Branch
  2. Senior Operator EDC BS 07 In Punjab Police Special Branch
  3. Operator EDC BS 05 In Punjab Police Special Branch
  4. Assistant Supervisor SW BS 09 In Punjab Police Special Branch
  5. Senior Operator SW BS 07 In Punjab Police Special Branch
  6. Operator SW BS 05 In Punjab Police Special Branch

These above categories are under the consideration and rules of NTS screening test applies only to these categories.


Now let clear the confusion what would be the test format according to given NTS screening test policy. For Assistant supervisor and all other posts of both explosive detection cell or surveillance wing, there is the clear policy of screening test format that only 20 percent material would come from post related content in the paper. The same both categories in which further 6 categories are clear having the screening test but only 20 percent weight age of content given to the English language.

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The sole purpose of such inclusion is to make sure that new recruits hired by the Punjab Police special branch can maintain the dignity of the department. Further, each cadre should be in the position to represent the Punjab police in the nice and neat way according to educational perspective. Further while talking about the screening test format of special branch, only 20 percent requirement of content in the test which proves that responsiveness of the police towards the timely situations could manage easily.

Although at duty there are certain rules and regulations there are many at the spot decisions which is possible only through IQ level of cadre which create EQ at the individual level. Further, now it is important in screening test of Punjab police that computer literature candidate is always  at preference as compared to another cadre in the same department. Last test requirement is to include current affair or general knowledge requirement so that best candidate would come through the long and lengthy process of National Testing Service Screening Test.


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