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Eid ul Adha Cooking Recipes Urdu Special Tips 2017

qurbani gosht recipe in urdu

Check out these Eid ul Adha cooking recipes urdu. Here we will tell you recipe of making koftay. So do enjoy this Eid ul Adha a lot and make lots of tasty dishes for your family: Important Ingredients to Cook and make Grilled Beef Koftay You should be having 3 lbs of Ground beef that […]

Chapli Kabab Recipe In Urdu Peshawari Chapli Recipe Method Step By Step

Chapli Kabab Recipe In Urdu

When we talk about one of the famous and popular kababs of Peshawar then we never forget the name of Chapli kabab! They are made with different spices and too with dry pomegranate seeds. These kababs have such an awesome and amazing taste that we literally could not stop ourselves to have them more and […]

K&N Kafta Kabab Recipe In Urdu Chicken Kofta Method

K&N Kafta Kabab Recipe In Urdu

To make kafta Kabab and chicken kofta, it is easy to make. K&N offer these dishes in the ready to cook form. They are available in frozen form. Just take them out from the packet and fry them up. Have a look at the K&N Kafta Kabab Recipe In Urdu from here. So to make […]

Pakora Recipe In Urdu How To Make Pakora Pakistani Style Palak, Aloo

Pakora Recipe In Urdu

Ramadan is coming and each of the Muslim family out there, their Iftaris will be incomplete if they will not have pakorays on their tables. It is true that pakorays are one of the must have items for your Iftar. You can have pakorays made from Aloo, Palak. Know about the Pakora Recipe In Urdu […]

Dahi Baray Recipe In Urdu Lahori Besan Dahi Bhalla Chaat Method

Dahi Baray Recipe In Urdu

You might have noticed that when it comes to Iftar tables then they are mostly filled with the dishes of pakorays and Dahi Baray, fruit chat.  It is a dish which is never and ever missed out during 30 days of fasting. It is suggested to make this dish at your home so that you […]

Samosa Recipe In Urdu Step By Step With Pictures Samosa Patti

Samosa Recipe In Urdu Step By Step

Samaosa is one of the delicious snacks which is mostly eaten in the countries like Pakistan and India. Do you know how to make it? Get details of Samosa Recipe In urdu Step By Step from here. First you have to make a dough of it. Get ready made dough from the market or you […]

Samosa Patti Recipe In urdu Make And Fold Samosa Dough

Samosa Patti Recipe In urdu

Samosa is that one single snack which each one of us love to have! We love to have it with tea and coffee, we love to have a taste of it with spicy chutneys and sauces. You can have Samosas made from potatoes, chicken, qeema. You can stuff and fill it in any way you […]

Chatni Recipe In Urdu Aloo bukharay, Spicy, Imli Chutney

Chatni Recipe In Urdu

It is true that when it comes to Pakistan foods and tasty dishes then our meals and dinners are incomplete if you will not have chutney on your dining table. It is this chutney that add spice and flavor in your dish. People love to make different kinds of sauces, spice them up with varied […]

Sharbat Recipe In Urdu Pakistani Juices Recipes Lal, Badam

Sharbat Recipe In Urdu

People should never and ever stop their selves from drinking different kinds of juices. These juices and drinks makes their bodies hydrated and full. You can have juices of fruits, vegetables, different sort of nuts. Mostly people prefer to have juices of apple, carrot, beetroot, watermelon. Badam milk is also very healthy for you. All […]

Sakanjabeen Recipe In Urdu How To Make Shikanjabeen Drink

Sakanjabeen Recipe In Urdu

This drink of Sakanjabeen is also named as the lemonade drink. It is one of the refreshing drinks. You can have this drink at any time. If you will drink it with an empty stomach right early in the morning then you will see great and best change in your body shape. This drink made […]