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Kalam Valley Swat Photos Neel Sar Lake Pakistan Hidden Nature


You can say that this Swat valley is the valley of lakes, it is the valley of mountains and now covered peaks. This valley looks alarmingly beautiful both in the summer time and also in the winters time. It is a single kind of valley that look capturing and captivating enough in all of the […]

Saidgai Lake Swat Is Another Way To Perceive The Beauty Of Pakistan

Whenever you go to the Swat valley then you should not miss out to visit its lakes! Its lakes should be seen by you. Each and every lake of this valley is so much class one that we cannot explain and express. If we just talk about the beauty of Saidgai Dand lake then we […]

Kundol Lake Swat Trek, Height, History Another Beauty In Pakistan


It is a fact that people keep on praising the beauty of this Kundol Dand lake. It can be said that if one has not visited this lake then he or she is an unlucky person. This lake is a majestic looking lake. It is a captivating looking lake. Your eyes will be wide open […]

Izmis Lake Swat Pakistan A New Way To Enjoy


There is no doubt that this Izmis lake swat is the serene and jaw opening lakes we have in the Swat valley. It is a magical place, it is a serene and a flawless looking lake. You will be enthralled and surprised by its beauty. The minute you will be stepping into the water of […]

Lakes In Swat Valley Pakistan, Kalam Lakes, Photos, Facts

Lakes In Swat Valley Pakistan

There is not a single chance that we can forget the beauty of these lakes of Swat valley. These lakes are one of the most breath taking sites of this valley. People can spend hours and hours on these lakes. You will see a different and a magical life on these lakes. The number lakes […]

Swat Valley Map Pakistan Detailed Map Malam Jabba Kalam Swat

Swat Valley Map

If you want to see the real beauty of Pakistan then this Swat place (in map) should not be missed out by you. This place has wide and immense in a number of recreational sites for you. Each and every year, people of Pakistan spend their summer time here. This Swat map shows you that […]

List Of Emergency Numbers Lahore Fire Brigade Number Hospitals

Emergency Numbers Lahore

Lahore is a big city and each after the other day, we come across and witness many of the situations of emergency. Whenever a fire broke out in some house, mall, plaza then we fail to contact the concerned Fire Brigade companies. When a fire broke out, it is an emergency situation. We need to […]

Lahore Orange Line Metro Train Lahore 3 Dimensional Map View

Lahore Orange Line Metro Train Lahore

It is reported by the CM of Punjab Shahbaz Sharif that this Lahore Orange Line Metro Train project will be completed sooner. The construction and completion phase of this project has been started. Total 26 in a number of stations will be constructed on this route. One dip will be constructed in this project. The […]

List Of Old Age Homes In Lahore Pakistan

List Of Old Age Homes In Lahore Pakistan

In Pakistan and especially in Lahore, we do have a trend of old age homes. It is such a sorry and sad state for all of us that we bring our parents and close one in these old age homes. This is not at all good practise. In foreign countries, though this trend is common […]