8th Class Urdu Model Paper 2017 PEC Issued Board Sample Papers

There are so many perspective need to be done while preparing for 8th class exams. The Punjab Examination commission has its own plans for the preparation at student level. There are so many students going to take part in upcoming exams. The objective or subjective part of the Urdu model paper being divided for the sake of students so that they can find it really helpful. So, as whole one is going to present here the 8th class Urdu model paper which is being issued by the PEC recently.

PEC Issued 8th Class Urdu Model Paper Objective Section

According to the new syllabus now it is time to give information to those students already registered for the 8th Class exams and now searching for some help here at internet. The model paper , remember is the only key book that provide you the information that either you are ready to for the exams or not. For example the first or Part A comprises 48 marks and the part named as objective type paper for Grade 8. Students are required to provide the detailed information about the paper before writing anything in subjective part and writing anything in the subjective part of the paper.

Furthermore, the paper should be used with blue and black ink for the paper. The example of the objective type questions given in the paper so that students have no confusion about the upcoming questions indeed. For example the urdu question would be from current affairs in Pakistan like the “Machar ki waja sy phalnay wali kis bemari ky khilaf hakomati satah pr sakhat hafazati ikdemaaat uthay ja rahay han?” ya ha question and the answers of these questions have four choices maximum. as shown in the picture as well.

8th Class Urdu Model paper

There should be no double circling for the answer because there would be no mark in such case. After going with 32 marks of allocated objective type questions in the paper now the students are required to complete subjective part of the question having open ended questions only. The next part havingĀ  52 marks for the subjective type paper and the open ended questions with 52 marks having 6 questions with designed marks for it. So, students can download here the 8th Class Urdu Model Paper issued by PEC

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