BISE Lahore Board Matric Supplementary Result 2017 Online Check

The student community remains a curious about the career development in next phase of education. For example, the community-based initiatives may give benefits to students as well. The education level of student matters a lot and depends on at the community. The matric class is the standard for every student because after doing the matric classes there are many opportunities waiting for those students. Student community remains in relation that how the issues would be overcome.


The first issue is about the supple and failure issues because these issues created by individuals. These issues can overcome only because of individual effort. The supplementary exams are the only way to undo those issues and move towards the right direction and next career level. The supple is the only issue created by several aspects, for example, the careless attitude of those students not well aware about the upcoming career. The attitude leads them towards the failure. Those students who just not study by thinking three reasons.

One reason that property of father is enough for them and they do not need to struggle. Such things happened to those students mostly living in the rural areas. Those students having enough property in heritage and ways of earning in such world. They don’t want to grow further in positives and best way. Even those mentalities do exist in some urban areas where students are careless about their studies and they thought about study such a fruitless efforts.


These aspects lead them to study because the forceful attitude of parents rather studies with hard work. These cases of matric supplementary are more in number and only counseling with such students can resolve the issue at the major level. Further, the students should have proper guidance at schools and universities of Pakistan. One can say that schools of matric or 10th class in Pakistan are just the money making the machine and they don’t care about the future of students. It is rare at school level that psychological problems of such students could resolve at an individual level.

The second type of matric students having no or least mental development to get the knowledge in a same way as it supposed to be. Those students need more attention than any category of the students because they want to study but they have a focus issue. They cannot concentrate on one platform at one time. They need the proper environment of study because they want to. many organizations and institutes linked with policies of BISE Lahore Board matric class syllabus considered this thing at first level.

They have proper mental games to get the Emotional Quotient so that the IQ level of those students can increase at the big level. The level is highly recommended for those students who wants to be a resource for the country but their mental ability would not allow them to do so. These kids really need attention in the country like Pakistan where the resourceful persons are less in number.

The third one is those students who just have enough time to study but they do not study because they have enough things to do. Like the usage of internet and the mobile usage in young generation is extremely at high scale. Those students have a careless attitude towards the exams and their consequences. The supplementary exams are just another chance for those who just saw the effects of that careless and may be thought to take a right track. The date of bise lahore board matric supplementary result 2016 would be announced soon and you should take the advantage of the chance given by bise Lahore board.

The chance should not be wasted now and students should start after getting a passing signal. After the matric class, there are plenty of options for students to join any option and get the chance to stuck with the option so that a track should be established. The selected option should be one that may give the way towards the career and assure students that there would be no track that let you down. The Supplementary exam result would be announced here and students can get their result in above-given link. The feelings of those students expressed in the article should be expressed in the comment section.

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