Difference Between Hotel And Hospitality Management Terms

Have your ever noticed a different between these two terms, Hotel And Hospitality Management? We have seen it many of the times that both of these terms are quite confusing one terminologies. But there is some basic and main difference between both of them. As these terms are quite and much interrelated. They are a part of this tourism industry.

Difference Between Hotel And Hospitality Management

  • You must know that this Hotel Management has been more specified to this Management of a Hotel. In this field, you will be managing a Resort or it can be the management of Food & Beverage sector. We do come across many kinds of hotels like we do have five-star deluxe hotels, we do have a four star. We come across a three star and also a two-star hotel. In India, these rankings are given by Hotel & Restaurant Approval & Classification Committee. In this field of Hotel Management, you will be the one who operates and also manages these hotels.
  • On the other hand, Hospitality Management is a kind of services sector. For the information, this hospitality management is a 3-year degree program. You study BS or BBA or it can be a degree in BA in Hospitality Management. We too come across this 4-year degree program in the field of Hotel Management.

Difference Between Hotel And Hospitality Management Terms

Scope of Hospitality Management is wider

The scope of Hospitality Management is quite and much wider as compared to the Hotel Management. We have seen that this Hotel Management is specific to only Hotels. And Hospitality Management is extended to the Services Sector. If you have done Graduation in  Hospitality Management, then you can be the part of hotels, the travel sector and sector of tourism. You can be the part of airlines and also retail stores. You can be hired in malls and in super markets.

You get more career opportunities of if you will get a  degree in Hospitality Management. Try these fields and make your career a successful one.

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