Academic Pressure On Students In Pakistan Essay

We would like to share some views about AAcademic Pressure On Students In Pakistan Essay Just a few days back, two boys from DPS school and college left their homes because the academic pressure was imposed on them by their parents. We have seen this situation many times in most of the countries of South Asia. It is a fact that parents from South Asia want their children to be successful academically. They want their kids to keep on getting the highest grades. These South Asian parents want to see their children excel in each and every field.

What are the Effects Of Academic Pressure On Students In Pakistan?

  • Though some students fulfill the desires of their parents. But on the other hand, some of the kids takes an incredible and massive amount of stress because of this academic pressure.
  • Many of the South Asian children keep on experiencing symptoms of depression and also anxiety. They become a victim of many of the and countless illnesses. It is maintain for the best part Academic Pressure On Students In Pakistan Essay
  • It is also seen that when parents impose academic pressure on them then these children of just the age of 9 years decide to contemplate suicide. They commit suicide because they are of this belief that if they will not be able to reach that standard academically, then parents will punish them.
  • These children also internalize the negative messages which are sent by their parents when they fail to meet their parents unrealistic expectations.The children start getting this perception that they are not at all important now.
  • The children also face some of the long-term consequences related to their physical and also mental health. They started having low self-esteem and fail to succeed academically. These pressurized children also face massive trouble while making friends.

Academic Pressure On Students

Academic Pressure On Students In Pakistan Essay

Signs of excessive academic pressure in children

  • Some of the children create this desire to keep on getting themselves out of responsibilities. They like to play rather than going to school.
  • They pretend to be sick while going to school.
  • They also hide papers and their grades and exam results.
  • They do not show any effort to get good grades.
  • We also see an increase and mount in their aggressive behavior.
  • Parents also see some significant decline in their creativity.

My View

We should now become friends of our children it makes the relevant way out for Academic Pressure On Students In Pakistan Essay. So that they can share each and everything with us. We need to put less burden on them when it comes to studies.

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