Gujranwala 8th Class Result 2017 PEC Board Get By Name Roll Number

If you belong to this Gujranwala Board then you have to keep in mind this important date that your 8th class paper result 2017 will be announced on 31st March 2017. This board has come up with this confirm news. For the information, this subjected board is linked and associated with the PEC exam body. It in the past days, we did not have this practise of taking the papers of 5th and 8th class students. But now it is compulsory for them to appear in these papers. You should note that these papers of 8th grade, they will have their result on 31st March 2017. On this date, all of the districts of Punjab students of 8th class, they will know their Gujranwala 8th Class Result.

Boys are Sharp in Which Subjects?

  • Have you any idea about the fact that in which subject boys are sharp in learning abilities? If not, then you should not miss out reading this post as here we will discuss about subjects in which boys are sharp with their learning skills.

Gujranwala 8th Class Result 2017 PEC Board Get By Name Roll Number

Official Announcement Of PEC 5th Class Result and PEC 8th Class Result In 2017

  • As we do mention about the learning skills of the boys, then they are no doubt sharp and active in their maths subject activities. They are always involved in sports and extra curricular activities that keep them potentially active and physicall healthy all the time. This physical body health will have a direct impact on the mind too. Boys are best with so many subjects such as mathematics and Statistics that is all about calculations.
  • If you would take yourself on the survey you will find majority of the boys involving them in MBA field that is all about calculations and banking tasks. Moreover, some of the boys are often interested in learning the English skills as they do think that they are best with their speaking English abilities. Overall we can say that no matter and whatsoever subject, boys are sharp in their learning abilities in almost all the subjects.

Date of PEC 8th Class Result 2017 Gujranwala Board: 31st March 2017

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