HEC ETC Test Result 2017 Phase 1 Results Of 12 And 13 August

Before i am going to talk about the HEC ETC Test Result Phase 1 the introduction of ETC by HEC is mandatory for me to clear. The education testing council is the full form of the body within the HEC because it standardized according to the entry tests for public and private universities admission. The public and private universities of Pakistan both engineering and medical universities are consider it as the major factor to know the HEC ETC Test as the major flow of education in the best way out.

The admission to universities is mandatory for educator sector transparency. It is required for students to get attach with the ETC after the thinking about scope of intermediate pre engineering and intermediate pre medical. These aspects are clear here at this page and body is satisfying with the test result.

The ETC can bear the costs according to the student-centric mindset. The Answer keys of the ETC test phase 1 already published and available to this page as well. There should be not other talk about the scope of ETC and should not mix with the other 27 august 2017 test for medical universities.

HEC ETC Test Result 2017 Phase 1 Results Of 12 And 13 August

All things and rules are clear by the HEC and the ETC Test Answer Key of 12th and 13th august has been updated and you can get the details here. There are many chances found to get the registration for the ETC phase 2 and the last date to apply is 31st august 2017 and here you may have the idea how these things are important for the medical and engineering colleges admission.

HEC ETC Entry Test Pattern


Answer Keys of the ETC Test conducted on 12 & 13 August 2017

Every students at least try to enrol and register according to the things relate to registration and have idea how to cope up things all about the registration ways and perfectly manage the necessity  of students.

Click here for Online registration for ETC Phase-II for Medical and Engineering categories

So get the post here about the ETC Phase II for medical and engineering categories. The Online registration for ETC Phase II allow the HAT undergraduate paper distribution for the sake of medical and engineering categories.

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