HEC Master MPhil Indigenous Scholarships For Balochistan And FATA Apply Now

There is no one that is not aware of the law and order situation in Balochistan and FATA areas unless he is in a deep sea. The western media termed it as the failure of governance and they have the only one option that is no option for humanity. The weapon language is not familiar with the humanity that is termed as legal when the humanity itself at stake. This is the irony of this world and it remains because there is no one to question the western media.

HEC Master MPhil Indigenous Scholarships For Balochistan And FATA

But where there are odds here are always something to smile for example Pakistan have that something indeed. The public and private institution are trying hard to develop the best way so that all things can save. The recent announcement made by the Higher education commission about the improvement of the quality of life in Baluchistan and FATA.

Those areas are not so much developed just because of education because education is the tool that can enhance the opportunities for different sectors and elements at the regional level. The district quota is being applicable under the HEC Indigenous Scholarships for Balochistan and FATA. The processing of local certificate from the balochistan province and FATA is mandatory to apply for the scholarship. The 15 years of education is compulsory with 50 percent market and 16 years of education at least with 60% marks. The 25 years of age is an ultimate requirement for the scholarship.

The Tuition Fee and other charges including hostel fee covered by the HEC Indigenous Scholarship. The 10,000 allowance with these coverage activities made it good for students to get the scholarship. At last level, the Aptitude test by HEC is compulsory to name in the eligible candidate list.  The academic credentials scores are required for the processing of an application for MPhil and master level indigenous scholarship.

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